Saturday, May 2, 2009

the dairy

We're country folk now (as opposed to desert dwelling folks) so we are officially in the loop as we have visited the premiere local spot for preschool and early childhood age diary field trips. This past Tuesday the kids and I ventured with Hudson's preschool class to visit the dairy. He was so excited to feed the baby calves bottles, try to feed the mamas some hay and learn about how milk is made then bottled. That's right, at this farm, you can drink pasteurized, homogenized fresh milk literally a few hours after the cow comes in from pasture to be milked. It's pretty cool. As you can see (from the lack of Anna in the pictures), Banana was none to thrilled to get close to any farm animals, even the little hen that was a pet. We had fun and are surely going back there to get milk when we are in the area!


Marion said...

They also make their own delicious ice cream and butter. Yum!

The Wyler Family said...

what a fun experience! i can't wait to take ethan to the farm this year. he enjoyed it last year, but this year he'll really notice everything and be super excited about all the animals. kids are so great!