Friday, July 31, 2009

reading with your children

If you know me, you know that this is a passion of mine. The passion I have for reading to my children and introducing them to great literature (well-written prose has so many endless benefits to all ages) - and just the downright, undeniable cuddle-time and physical security that reading together provides is, and should be, worth it to any parent.

The following link is to a blog that I occasionally follow and I loved the guest post while the author is on vacation. Check it out, it's worth the trip through the link to surf on over to a new website....

Oh, and P.S. - I recently won a contest on this website and am receiving a signed original copy of a new release of a great children's book!


the bugman pool

Anna amazes me. Really she does. I know, every parent says that about their brilliant child, but she is so amazingly observant. And she remembers details and things about our day that I don't think a 22 month old should remember. But she does. Here's my example:

Yesterday we went to the bugman pool. No, it's not really called the bugman pool, but that's what Marion and her boys call it, so that is what we call it too. And we only can go because they invite us to go along, so "bugman" it is! :o) We had a blast swimming at the pool - and it's great because Hudson is getting to be such a proficient swimmer I don't feel like I have to be right beside him all the time, and Anna can enjoy the shallower beach-style entrance kids' area more. (more to come soon on Hudson's swimming - we've got some cool video: he can swim all the way across and olympic sized pool and 1/2 way across on his back!)

I knew they were having fun; the smiles, the laughs, the blue slushee. When Daddy arrived home, the first thing Anna said to daddy (after squealing "jaaaadeeeee") was, "Meeron shwim!" (for all you non-Anna speakers, that's Marion swim). She was telling Daddy that she went swimming with Marion. I thought that would be it, and I was delighted that she even remembered to tell him that! But it continued....even into dinner when she told him this:

shwim-soo. (rubs face) Meeron. Saaahm. Jaymsss. Roar! Meeron jump! Hudson jump! shwim! Gummies. shwim!

(I wore a swimsuit. I put on sunscreen. Marion, Sam and James were there. Sam played Dinosaurs with me. I roared at him. I jumped to Marion. Hudson jumped. He jumped and then he swam. I ate gummy fish. I swam more.)

I don't know about you, but I think that's a pretty detailed story for someone who isn't 2 yet!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

sfg getaway rewind

Rewind, well, because Marion forgot her camera, Becky was counting on me, and well, I forgot. I know, when do I ever leave the house without my camera? Maybe because I was so excited to leave the house and get away with girlfriends, I just plumb was in a hurry. (I'm sorry, the mommy in me is supposed to say, "I was so upset, just wrecked about leaving my children and husband that I was too distraught to remember such small details." Believe that one if it makes you think better of me.)
Rewind, because we bought a nice little disposable with a flash to take pictures (hence the non-digital quality) and it took me a while to get it put on digital cd to share with the girls - oh, and my loving readers.

Rewind, due to the fact that this trip was so much fun that I've just had to savor some of the memories and now I feel am able to share them. (That's me-speak for I've been busy this summer. ;)
We had a fabulous time on this getaway. We left mid-morning on Friday and traveled to Ocean City, MD, where Marion's extended family let us borrow their condo. We hit the beach after we unloaded the car and stayed as long as we could - then had quintessential after-a-day-at-the-beach dinner: fresh veggie sauce and pasta with a delish salad and gourmet garlic bread. For dessert we walked to the boardwalk and got ice cream.
Saturday we woke to overcast and drizzly skies - but made ourselves breakfast and hit the outlet mall. Picked up a Redbox movie and by the time it was over, the sun broke through. (I must admit, I was the optomist and kept insisting it would get clear; as the thunder rolled across the bay! :) We were able to rock the beach for a bit and then went for seafood - fresh, mouthwatering, delight to your senses seafood.
Unfortunately after dinner, Becky had a headache and stayed back while Marion and I hit the boardwalk for the evening...and we had fun....see for yourself.It was tough to think about going home because of how much fun we had, but we knew our 'real' jobs were calling us - well, that and we knew the amount of kisses and hugs we would receive upon walking in our doors. Blessed we are - in friendship, in family, by our Savior.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 minutes ago

5 minutes ago:

Hudson: I think Anna's a little bit mystified.

Mommy: Why do you think she's mystified?

Hudson: Because you took her juice from her and smelled it.

Ok, so he understands what mystified means. How in the world?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

daddy was away, we were boatin...

Do you see that? There is a nest with Eagles and 3 babies!
plumb tuckered....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

while daddy was away....

So you have seen a snapshot of what we did while Chris was in Ethiopia - yes, Chris was in Africa on a missions trip with our church - and yes, we survived (so did he!) :o) When we found out Chris would be blessed to attend the trip and help represent the church in a town that we've adopted (our church sends several medical and teaching teams a year, and helps with clean water initiatives), my uncle and aunt siezed the opportunity and told us to come visit them in KY. That took about 4 seconds for me to decide to go - I love spending time with my cousins, aunt and uncle.

I have so many pictures from our awesome adventure to western Kentucky and will have to do this in a part one and part two post. We had so much fun: boating, swimming, spending time in the outdoor living room, walking, trail running, playing wii, watching my grandparents play Guitar Hero!, and more. Enjoy the visual trip with us!

Hudson was waitin' patiently to go out to the boat.

Anna and Aunt Cindy on a lazy summer afternoon - we loved being outside on the porch - where we could see the lake, feel a cool breeze and enjoy easy conversation.

On Saturday it rained, so Aunt Cindy and Alli took Hudson, Mom and I to the "Funky Monkey". We pottery painted - Hudson did so well! He is such a little artist, he was really into it!

This ladybug salad bowl was my creation - we got them fired just in time to bring them home - and I used mine tonight for yummy pasta salad - it turned out really cool! Hudson is proud of his stegasaurus.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

all about anna

these past couple posts are all from camera phones, so i am really looking forward to uploading some of the cute photos that we have taken! today's selection comes from a fun session anna and mommy had while swimming in the lake house pool...anna created a new game by using a cup full of pool water and then saying "uh oh mommy" and dumping it on my head. she thought it was hilarious. :oP

some have been asking if she is adventurous as hudson. well, i am happy (?) to report that yes, she is. she is competitive, and a dare devil. she has turned into quite the climber, and everyone here calls her lil monkey. not only that, she feels that whatever hudson does, she needs to do too. this includes jumping from the boat into the lake, being thrown into the pool, wearing goggles in the pool, going "high" on the swings, etc. she's a dare devil.

our new challenge currently is her new found freedom of escaping the pack n play. i'm hoping that once back in her own crib she won't find it to be as appealing....actually, i'm praying that to be the case.

Friday, July 10, 2009

the life on the lake

Hudson loves driving Uncle Tommy's boat!
(And he looks mighty handsome with his new
"barber shop" haircut :o)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

photos tell the story

Photos tell the story of our fourth....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

kickin' off the fourth

To kick off our fourth of July weekend, we hit the local waterways with good friends of ours who have a canoe and a kayak. And with four adults and 5 kids - we managed to have a memorable time and more than a few laughs. There is, of course, no record of them in their vessel, as they brought their camera and we had Chris' cell phone camera. We'll get some pics of them up here eventually. I love this shot, because "the boys" were having a blast watching a cool dog (named Buckley - what a great name for a dog!) jump off the dock and swim after sticks her owner was allowing the boys to toss for her. They were each delighted to have turns and admired her swimming ability.

This admiration then lead to them jumping into the water near the dock and going for a swim as well (despite it being a no swim zone). Late morning, Ang and I left to take Hudson to swim and she took Riley with her to the store. That left Chris with Anna (in the Kayak) and Daryl with Tate and Braxton in the canoe. They worked up an appetite and met us back at their homestead "in town" for some yummy eats and play time in the backyard. We had a blast!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

tw math

Last weekend I got to chill in Washington, DC with my bf from Arizona. Tracy happened to be in DC for an education conference and she had off on Saturday - I obviously had not a second guess to drive and be with her for the day. I met her at the hotel and then we took the Metro into the city to Metro Station in DC (yes, it's called Metro Station, not a metro station - even though it is). So, here is our day, in general, in pictures - this is Tracy Watanabe Math....

2 fun pictures at the Washington Monument (plus)

a picture perfect day with cool temperatures, sunny skies, and a light breeze (plus)
seeing awesome National sites like the Lincoln Memorial (plus)
goofing off with one of your bestest girlfriends (plus)
Loving some yummy seafood on an airy patio (plus)
pretending to meet the President (plus)
coming face to face with some dinos and several awesome exhibits at the Smitsonian(s) - EQUALS
A fantastic, memorable, makes-me-wanna-see-Tracy-every-day kinda day.