Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tidings of JOY

From us to you…we wish you a Merry Christmas filled with the JOY of the Savior.christmas card layout 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 months–not possible!


Beautiful babe, you are five months today.  Impossible.  Really.  The time has flown and we are loving every moment with you.  That’s not literary license, that is the truth.  Even the tough ones (of which there are not many), we are truly thankful you were sent into our lives and our family.


You can now roll over both ways, giggle (which makes us giggle back at you), and you are babbling up a storm!  You still haven’t had regular food, but we have just begun to notice that you are taking particular interest when we are eating and drinking.  You like your hands and are very deft at grabbing things in your midline.  You even grab things in front of you when you are on your belly (with a little extra effort!).


You share your infectious smiles with everyone and your inquisitive eyes take in everything. It seems not much passes by you with out you processing what it was and how it fits into your world.  You stare at Mama when she is feeding you and study her face with intensity.

Thank you for loving us.  Thank you.

A “Mary” Christmas

Today was Anna’s last preschool Christmas pageant. (sniff, sniff…)  To say she was ecstatic when they chose her to be Mary would be an understatement.  She has been singing her songs to anyone that has ears and has been gently laying her dolls down in the manger to simulate her big moment.

We love that she has the opportunity to go to a Christian preschool were Christ really is the center of their days and of their lives.  We are insanely grateful for her teachers and Christ-like love that they lavish on the 3 to 5 year olds that are in their care.   Anna really loves preschool too.  (In fact, she just asked me 10 seconds ago when she would go back to preschool.  I informed her that she wouldn’t go back until after Christmas break and she made a very sad face.)


Mary and Joseph entering Bethlehem on the donkey.


Mary holding baby Jesus with care.  (She told me she was remembering to smile because at first “I was a little bit nervous because there was a lot of people Mama!”)


After the play and intermission, they changed out of their costumes and came back for an encore to present their songs they’d been working on.  The above is Anna praying for our snacks – too precious.

IMG_2124IMG_2127Anna had many adoring fans that came to watch her today ~ Marion and the boys, Grandmom and Ms. Dana all came to cheer her on while she performed.  She was delighted to have a fan section and waved sheepishly to us as she proceeded down the aisle.  We are so proud of her and the gorgeous heart on the inside of her little body – full of life, full of love, and full of the joy of the Lord.IMG_2125

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

outside and in

IMG_2030Christmastime is here…outside and in.  The little snowfall we had last week (followed by some 70 degree weather – wahoo!) was just enough to really get us in the spirit…and to just enough for Banana and Mommy to make a snowman!  It was just the right consistency, and baby sister was napping and it was too much to resist.

So trudging into our snow clothes we did go.IMG_2025

We made a snow man….IMG_2028caught snowflakes on our tongues….IMG_2022

and when we were good and (wet) cold, we had some hot cocoa.IMG_2031

Of course, when the tree is up and you want to sip hot chocolate, you need some cookies to go with it, right?  Who is this mama to argue when my kids want to bake with me…Hudson particularly has been set on making what he deems “christmas cookies” – to him, that means cut outs with icing and decorations.  Forget that I’ve tried to convince him that Christmas Cookies can be a multitude of different delights.  He is dead set.IMG_2061So that’s what we did  tonight while Daddy is at work until late…Wednesdays are our days that I intentionally plan something to entertain us all.  Anna and I mixed the dough early in the day and after our gourmet dinner of frozen pizza & salad, we got to the rolling, cutting, baking and decorating.   While watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, obviously. :-)


Homemade icing paint rocks.  If you don’t know about it,  ask me.  It’s the greatest thing ever for little cooks that love to decorate.



I do have to have a couple different kinds of cookies at Christmas…but am trying to make a tradition of a few particular ones. 

What cookies can you NOT pass up at Christmas?