Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A “Mary” Christmas

Today was Anna’s last preschool Christmas pageant. (sniff, sniff…)  To say she was ecstatic when they chose her to be Mary would be an understatement.  She has been singing her songs to anyone that has ears and has been gently laying her dolls down in the manger to simulate her big moment.

We love that she has the opportunity to go to a Christian preschool were Christ really is the center of their days and of their lives.  We are insanely grateful for her teachers and Christ-like love that they lavish on the 3 to 5 year olds that are in their care.   Anna really loves preschool too.  (In fact, she just asked me 10 seconds ago when she would go back to preschool.  I informed her that she wouldn’t go back until after Christmas break and she made a very sad face.)


Mary and Joseph entering Bethlehem on the donkey.


Mary holding baby Jesus with care.  (She told me she was remembering to smile because at first “I was a little bit nervous because there was a lot of people Mama!”)


After the play and intermission, they changed out of their costumes and came back for an encore to present their songs they’d been working on.  The above is Anna praying for our snacks – too precious.

IMG_2124IMG_2127Anna had many adoring fans that came to watch her today ~ Marion and the boys, Grandmom and Ms. Dana all came to cheer her on while she performed.  She was delighted to have a fan section and waved sheepishly to us as she proceeded down the aisle.  We are so proud of her and the gorgeous heart on the inside of her little body – full of life, full of love, and full of the joy of the Lord.IMG_2125

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The Wyler Family said...

What a neat experience for her! You have a very sweet family!