Saturday, September 24, 2011

fun in the mud

6 LOCOS GRINGOS - Mud. Paintballs fired at you. Fire logs.  Mud.  Burned out transport vehicles.  COLD creeks to your chest. Tire runs. Trail run in the forest. Mud. Storm Drain Pipes. Hay mountain. Mud. A gi-nor-mous wall.  Slip & Slide……fun.  Yup, fun.



We had the amazing opportunity to run with a group in a recent Big Bash Dash ~ something I’ve always wanted to do; if you’re gonna run a 5k for fun, why not through some mud in the mix, y’all?IMG_0105

We had 3 boys and 3 ladies that joined forces to cross the border into unknown territory and to try to escape the INS.  Obviously we chose for our band of gringos to wear sombreros and to call out “aye-yae” and “Arriba” with as much obnoxious tone as one could muster with a mouthful of sludge.


We stuck together – which was apparently encouraging to other runners.  After the race, we’ve gotten emails and had comments at the finish line that other participants loved how we stuck together and encouraged one another.  (Wait, isn’t that what running as a team is all about? Hmm….)  And bless the guys in our group, because I know that they are all competitive; yet they were patient and sacrificed finishing times of grandeur behind them.


Coming out of the mud pits into the fire jumps.


Our adoring fans.


At this point, we think Chris still thought someone was really chasing him with a paintball gun and was going to ask for his citizenship papers…..and the next shot?  The rest of us don’t care any more.


Here comes the slip and slide finish – All together now!


These were AFTER we waded through a waist high creek and the slip and slide.  Yup, AFTER.


Our lovely and beautiful photographer, Miss Angie….she maxed out my CF card with pictures, so we had a lot to choose from!  And Chris getting hosed down by a fireman?  Well, let’s just say that was powerful and cold water – but not powerful enough to get all the mud. 



As we finished, each participant of age was treated with a beverage worthy of a man running a 5K in a sombrero.  And Gringo team leader Daryl certainly earned his!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anna's Fourth Birthday!

Our favorite birthday girl "had SOOOOO much fun" (quoted after her guests left).  The little lady requested a Disney Birthday party - not just princesses, but she desired to be non-exclusive and include all her favorite characters from her recent trip to Disney World.

Invitations went out, and many guests came to the kingdom for a great night of celebrating Anna's life.  We were able to host the party at Gymboree Play & Learn (if you know us, you know how we got to be there) and it was a perfect venue for a bunch of 4 year olds.  The kids played dressup, we danced, we tumbled, we did art projects, we ate, we sang and we tired ourselves out.  It was an amazing time!

To our beautiful little lady,

We are so proud of who you are becoming. Joy shines through your eyes, your smiles and laughter light up lives, and we see you trying to love like Jesus. Nothing could make us prouder. We love you Anna Banana. Happy fourth birthday!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anna’s First day of Preschool!

Thanks to the gift of abundant rain and wind and flooding, compliments of Hurricane Irene, Anna’s first day of preschool was postponed until Tuesday!  She was so excited to head off to “Hudson’s preschool” which we now keep reminding her is “Anna’s preschool!IMG_9951

Our fashion diva (honestly, this girl has got style at putting things together – I really don’t understand it, because she puts things together that I never would, and she looks darn cute  in them) was totally stoked about the new outfit that Mom-Mom got for her.  She rocked it with her new polka-dot backpack that she picked out for herself – and of course, did a rockin’ job modeling.


Big bro wanted in on the action; which was honestly insanely adorable because he kept reassuring her what a great time she was going to have and that she looked “cute”.


Ahhhh…  They are one another’s best friends….and at times, best of enemies (although it lasts for about 5 minutes!).  PS – she loved it, and is excited to go back again!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer’s Last Hurrah pt. 2

Our darling Daddy and the two youngest darlings had never ventured to an authentic farm show fair before – and right before school began, we had the opportunity to attend one with Grandmom.IMAG0414

How exciting to walk onto the fairgrounds and see the sights, smell the delicious foods wafting in the air and hear the delighted screams of those on the rides.  The darlings were ecstatic to come across a “kare AK ter” as we made our way down the first aisle.  Hudson even signed up for the opportunity to win a Cars 2 t-shirt at this booth…more on that to come.IMAG0415IMAG0417

The full experience of a farm show is not complete without a visit to the petting station – Hugs was enamored with watching the baby chicks.  “Look Mommy! One is cracked!  Is it going to hatch?  I think it’s going to hatch! It’s wiggling!  Look, that one is dead…no it’s not.  He’s breathing!”  He was a non-stop commentator on the happenings in the egg incubator.  Truly adorable – and the older kids thought he was hilarious.  Anna was beside herself with the “Toot Cow!”

IMAG0420IMAG0426       IMAG0427IMAG0429

We rode a few rides – the ferris wheel, a kid’s lovebug drive, and Grandmom took the kids on the scrambler – ugh, it makes me sick thinking about it, but it is one of her favorites!!!

IMAG0431          IMAG0433

We finished out the night with a game or two and look who won the Cars 2 shirt?  That combined with the snow cones for the kids, the latte for Daddy and the caramel apple for Mommy made for a happy family!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hurricane rain means no school

The bat queen and super monster scarer are ensuring my safety as I clean the house today...after that sounds like we may play some games, eat our cookies we made, and possibly watch a movie.  An impromptu dance party may be thrown in at some point! We are grateful we are dry and our home is too. Pray for so many in our area not that fortunate.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Special Edition–ALD 2011.3

This special edition of the ALD (Anna Language Dictionary) comes to you courtesy of a trip to see the big mouse and a Daddy and Mommy who are proud of their peanut.  If you aren’t aware of the previous editions, you can find them here & here.

IMG_3759Skweeping Beauty (noun)

A legendary princess clad in pink splendor with several names.  She is Briar Rose and Aurora.  Often referred to in the commoner world as “Sleeping Beauty”.

IMG_3708Tentena (noun)

pronunciation: ten ten ah

The object of which an electronical device receives a radio frequency signal. 

IMG_3723Monatrail (noun)

pronunciation: Mon uh trail

A railway system (made famous by Walt Disney Imagineers) that utilizes a singular track….monorail.

Wermaid (noun)

pronunciation: were made

usage:  “Ariel is my favorite wermaid!” 

IMG_3752Reepunzel (noun)

pronunciation: ree pun zuhl

A literary beauty whose long locks tangle and untangle in a web of love and adventure.

Hotowel (noun)

pronunciation: hoe tOW uhl

Hotel.  But make sure you put an emphasis on the middle of the word with an “OWWWWW”.  It’s necessary.  Seriously.