Saturday, September 24, 2011

fun in the mud

6 LOCOS GRINGOS - Mud. Paintballs fired at you. Fire logs.  Mud.  Burned out transport vehicles.  COLD creeks to your chest. Tire runs. Trail run in the forest. Mud. Storm Drain Pipes. Hay mountain. Mud. A gi-nor-mous wall.  Slip & Slide……fun.  Yup, fun.



We had the amazing opportunity to run with a group in a recent Big Bash Dash ~ something I’ve always wanted to do; if you’re gonna run a 5k for fun, why not through some mud in the mix, y’all?IMG_0105

We had 3 boys and 3 ladies that joined forces to cross the border into unknown territory and to try to escape the INS.  Obviously we chose for our band of gringos to wear sombreros and to call out “aye-yae” and “Arriba” with as much obnoxious tone as one could muster with a mouthful of sludge.


We stuck together – which was apparently encouraging to other runners.  After the race, we’ve gotten emails and had comments at the finish line that other participants loved how we stuck together and encouraged one another.  (Wait, isn’t that what running as a team is all about? Hmm….)  And bless the guys in our group, because I know that they are all competitive; yet they were patient and sacrificed finishing times of grandeur behind them.


Coming out of the mud pits into the fire jumps.


Our adoring fans.


At this point, we think Chris still thought someone was really chasing him with a paintball gun and was going to ask for his citizenship papers…..and the next shot?  The rest of us don’t care any more.


Here comes the slip and slide finish – All together now!


These were AFTER we waded through a waist high creek and the slip and slide.  Yup, AFTER.


Our lovely and beautiful photographer, Miss Angie….she maxed out my CF card with pictures, so we had a lot to choose from!  And Chris getting hosed down by a fireman?  Well, let’s just say that was powerful and cold water – but not powerful enough to get all the mud. 



As we finished, each participant of age was treated with a beverage worthy of a man running a 5K in a sombrero.  And Gringo team leader Daryl certainly earned his!


Bekah said...

Looks like so much fun!! Matt and I are in for the next one!

crazybeautifulchaos said...

Bekah, I already assumed so! :)

Tracy Watanabe said...

That is the best! I totally see Japanese Reality Show written all over it, but dubbed with los gringos locos...


Love ya guys!

(PS I thought your TM meant the Mucha machine and not my iced lattes! Doh!)