Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Anna's First "Haircut"

Anna's first milestone haircut time has arrived. That baby fine hair that just keeps growing and growing on top was finally so long that it had to be trimmed - it was in her eyes and all over. She very patiently sat on Mommy's lap while Grandmom trimmed the top. Now she looks even cuter (is that possible?) with her barrettes in her hair...and the curls are starting to come in, just like Mommy. Watch out world - she's a cutie and she knows it!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sanitization Saturday

This past week the Mission House (which we currently call home) was an infirmary run by Mommy Doctor. A fresh infestation of germs descended upon us - first Hudson, then Anna, then Daddy got runny noses and chest coughs. Anna was actually diagnosed with an ear infection (poor girl)...she has such a raspy little voice.

So on Saturday Beth declared that we were going to sanitize the whole house - she had had enough of all this sick business. We gathered up all the toys and dunked them in a vat of Clorox water and then dried them off on our front porch (see above). The picture reminds me of the Land of Misfit Toys or something.

I am happy to report that everyone is on the mend and enjoying the Memorial Day vacation!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pockets full of energy

Last night, I (Beth), ventured over to church with my recovering son and still sick baby to be at worship practice for a little bit with Chris. While Hudson and I were sitting there, the team started praying and I said to Hudson, "Daddy and the team are praying, we need to use whisper voices." He immediately bowed his head, closed his eyes, and said, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for my family, Amen." Then, he looked at me and said, "I got some energy in my pocket to give them. Energy for practicing." He's got all kinds of ideas in his little brain!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Disney Smiles

So this is what we call Anna's Disney Smiles. Full on, gums showing, eyes squinted because of chubby cheeks, luvin' life smiles. They bring smiles to us and many giggles in our house! Sometimes they are accompanied by her wookie laugh (Daddy really thinks she sounds like a Wookie from Star Wars - we're trying to capture that one on video). These past few days have been really challenging as both kids have had high fevers with snotty noses, but when moments like these happen, it makes it all worth it - I wouldn't trade my job right now for anything in the whole world.

"Homesick" and Home

Here are a few things I am missing about Arizona at the moment:

1) Merle, Tracy, Jill and Andrea - sometimes ya just need a girlfriend to call who knows the whole story and nothin' but the whole story without having to tell it all over again.

2) Tropical Smoothie - Man, could I go for a nice Sunrise, Sunset right now!

3) Warm weather and Sunshine - I don't think my legs have seen the light of day in PA for about 6 months now and that is rather scary...I don't even know if they've seen a razor in that long - JUST KIDDING! I don't want to scare off anyone at the gym and I still sleep in the same bed as my husband ;) Or - how about Spring shows up here and I can at least see the sunlight for more than 20 minutes with temperatures above 60?

4) My mountains behind the house - who couldn't miss a good hike or looking at these? (Thanks to Joanne West Photography for that shot)

What I am thankful for at Home:

1) Great new friends that I am loving and enjoying the times I have to get to know them. Friends that are truly accepting me for who we are and what we are all about.

2) Creeks, parks, green grass, hills, manure, mountains, farms, rain, cloudy days, wind, spring flowers - exploring water with bunches (and bunches) of little boys - I love that they don't care how cold the water is!

3) That my kids are making new friends too - and even get emails from their new friends!

4) My mom to mom group at church that has been a great encouragement and blessing to my life here. (Marion, Whitney, Beckie, Kori, Dana, Dawn, Meredith, Barb, Beth T.)

5) That we have a home to live in that is dry, warm, safe (not ant free ;), scorpion-free (unless we brought some with us), until our AZ house sells. It even has a big backyard to play in!

6) That we are getting to know our neighbors and enjoying time on their front porch.

7) Our new church family that has welcomed us with open arms and opened their homes to us as well.

8) and much more that I won't bore you with....Thank you Lord for your faithfulness - each day is a new day full of your mercy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hudson's 3rd Birthday Party

So Hudson's 3rd. Kinda crazy, kinda just snuck up on us. We can't believe he is "ackchullee" (one of his fave words at the moment) three. His birthday party was fun and chaotic - but a great one as it was the first in which almost all of our family was able to attend. He is addicted to Toy Story and really wanted a cowboy party, so a Woody the Cowboy party it was. Here's the picture we used from his invitation - and then we had pictures of all the kids that attended on WANTED posters so they felt a part of the action too.BUT, the best part of the whole party (according to Hudson and a fair amount of cowboys and cowgirls in attendance) was when we sang Happy Birthday to the young outlaw. He was so excited, that he shook and couldn't even contain himself. Have a gander at the video - it's hilarious!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bouncy Anna

Welcome to a Slice of Life in the Smith Family....Crazy Beautiful Chaos is what we would call it!

We thought you might enjoy seeing Anna jump up and down for joy in her sling. There's really nothing better than dropping a youngin' into a sling and letting them have at it.

We'll have another post coming with pictures and video from Hudson's 3rd Birthday Party.