Monday, May 26, 2008

Sanitization Saturday

This past week the Mission House (which we currently call home) was an infirmary run by Mommy Doctor. A fresh infestation of germs descended upon us - first Hudson, then Anna, then Daddy got runny noses and chest coughs. Anna was actually diagnosed with an ear infection (poor girl)...she has such a raspy little voice.

So on Saturday Beth declared that we were going to sanitize the whole house - she had had enough of all this sick business. We gathered up all the toys and dunked them in a vat of Clorox water and then dried them off on our front porch (see above). The picture reminds me of the Land of Misfit Toys or something.

I am happy to report that everyone is on the mend and enjoying the Memorial Day vacation!

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Trace said...

Thata girl! Way to disinfect! Like seeing those germs being destroyed.