Friday, June 21, 2013

splash park

A local park has a splash park and we visited the sprinkler sprayin’, bucket dumping, gulley gushin’ fun this week with some friends.  It was a blast!  Even Hadleigh got in on the action at a little mushroom where she could stand and splash her hands in the water.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

11 month Leigh-Leigh


Happy 11 months Leigh-Leigh!  We adore your smile and your giggles. 


You are a power crawler to the max; you army crawl on your tummy and propel yourself forward with your legs pulled up on the sides of your torso.  You CAN crawl on all fours, but only on grass or concrete when you don’t want to touch what is below you.  You go much faster on your belly and this you prefer!


You are a master stair climber (going up) and we call you big baby monster, because you test gates and doors like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.  You can pull yourself up very well to a standing position and will shuffle your feet to get from one end to the other.  Contrary to that skill, you have no desire to walk.  If we hold your hands and have you stand, you pull your legs up or go all “noodly” to get down and crawl.


You love to eat regular food and baby food, and you really seem to enjoy all foods that we give you; it’s much easier now that you’ve gotten three teeth this month.  Two on top, 1 on bottom – the fourth is coming soon.


You love to play outside, swing and be where the “big kids” are – even if that means climbing the stairs to them in their rooms.  You delightfully babble mama, dada, baba, nanana….but we aren’t sure that you really know what you are saying yet – although in the past two days you’ve been saying mamama when I am close by.

We can’t believe you are 11 months old – the time has flown by!  By God’s grace alone, we will get to have a million more beautiful moments with the gift of you….

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Who do I look like?

all colalge 11 months

LEFT: Hadleigh



Daddy and Mama think I am a good mix of my brother and sister…in looks and personality!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

sister show and tell


There once was a boy.  He had two sisters.  And he was crazy for them.  Loved them.  Adored them.  In fact, he was so proud of his little sisters that he saved and saved and saved his good behavior reward money so that he could purchase a “show and tell” coupon.

He worked hard for that coupon.  And when the ever-so-treasured slip of paper was finally in his little 8 year old hands, guess what he told his teacher he wanted to do with his hard earned coupon?  He wanted to bring in his sisters to show them off to his classmates.  He prepared a little speech about how old they each are, what they like to do, and what he likes to do with them when they play.  IMG_2772

There once was a boy named Hudson.  And that boy and his heart bring a smile to my face EVERY day.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

lights and boxes - rainy days

We’ve been hit with this weird patch of weather in these parts…it was 90 for a few days, then rainy and cold.  Like cold.  Seriously.  Like we had to give in and turn the heat back on in our house because the temperature was too cold to function during the day.  (Add that to the propane bill coming our way, I’m sure!)

IMG_2756So this mama comes up with ideas to entertain her yungins when we are confined to the house.  It’s spring, or so I thought, so I was not anticipating having to come up with a cold and dreary day activity.  Much to my luck, we had an empty car seat box and we created a light up playland.


We poked holes in the top of the box and I strung a set of white lights through.  (just the lights).  After that, we took turns decorating – Hudson’s side of the box is a time machine complete with a flux capacitor and an emergency on/off switch.   Anna’s side is a house complete with a list of who is allowed into her house when it is a house.   We like the box so much (as does Hadleigh) that it now has a semi-permanent residence in our basement playroom. 

anna box

Yipee for boxes!

Monday, June 3, 2013

ALD 3.0?

So we have what I call the Anna Language Dictionary. But I have no idea what version we are on; I just have some additional entries that I mustn't forget!

Epricot (noun): ep-rih-cot. Known to the general public as EPCOT located in Walt Disney World Florida. 

Funderstorm (noun): fun-der-storm. Thunderstorms. 

Basket fighting (verb): an activity in which two people place laundry baskets over their heads and kneel on knees. Bonking one another until someone falls over and the one left "standing" is the victor.