Thursday, June 6, 2013

sister show and tell


There once was a boy.  He had two sisters.  And he was crazy for them.  Loved them.  Adored them.  In fact, he was so proud of his little sisters that he saved and saved and saved his good behavior reward money so that he could purchase a “show and tell” coupon.

He worked hard for that coupon.  And when the ever-so-treasured slip of paper was finally in his little 8 year old hands, guess what he told his teacher he wanted to do with his hard earned coupon?  He wanted to bring in his sisters to show them off to his classmates.  He prepared a little speech about how old they each are, what they like to do, and what he likes to do with them when they play.  IMG_2772

There once was a boy named Hudson.  And that boy and his heart bring a smile to my face EVERY day.

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Anonymous said...

That boy and his sisters bring me indescribable joy and blessings! I am so blessed and proud to be their Grandmom!