Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 4 Recovery

So, Day 4 Recovery has arrived - it is 4 days post-surgery and my leg is healing nicely. I think so, at least. Like most surgeries, it wasn't one that I was really looking forward to, but after the recovery, it'll be well worth the temporary pain for the long term "not pain". :o) At least, that's the goal. I had vascular surgery on my leg on Thursday to help with continuing pain since my pregnancy/delivery of Anna. I'll spare you the nitty-gritty details, but she was induced a little early to help with this ... and if I got a healthy little baby Anna over and over, I'd do it a million times over. (I know, I'm one of those weirdos out there that really enjoy pregnancy). In short, the veins and pains (hehe, that rhymes!) didn't go away after delivery, so when I have been running, or on feet a lot, my right leg has ached, throbbed, etc.

I got referred to an incredible Doc from our church and he has done a phenomenal job. He even checked up on my post-surgery recovery while at service on Sunday - he happened to see me and took the time to come check - how awesome is that?!? Anyway - my leg is purple, black, pink, red and starting to get green, which means it's getting better. :) I have four incisions, one at the very top of my inner thigh, and then 3 more at varied intervals down to the mid section of my inner calf. They used a crochet hook type needle to dig around in there and pull out the offenders. At least that is what I'm told....I was blissfully sound asleep. After the fact, I was kinda wishing I would've asked to have the veins saved so I could at least see the little boogers that were the pain-inducing noodly tubes. Some of you are grossed out. That's ok - at least I knew I wouldn't be able to handle seeing it done. That wasn't an option. And if it was, I still would've declined. All I do know is that the IV medicine they use to make you go to sleep is some good stuff.

Thanks to my wonderful and devoted husband, I was well cared for and was able to rest and stay off my feet as long as I needed. 2 friends were rockin' and helped care for my kids before my mom could get here to watch the kids while I was in surgery. And Grandmom made us dinner on Thursday night and then also took Hudson for the weekend to her house to give me a little bit of an easier time during recovery. I still have to have my leg up when I can and have it wrapped tightly. Two wonderful friends also brought us meals - even one who proclaims she doesn't cook - I don't know, but for someone who doesn't cook, it tasted pretty delish! The body of Christ is a cool thing to be the recipient of it in action....and witness people using gifts and talents they don't even realize they are exercising. What a blessing, what a gift.

Friday, November 21, 2008

First Snow!

And this is what Daddy found when he heard Anna squealing in the kitchen. She had gotten herself into a cabinet, on the upper shelf and couldn't get out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rescue Fireman and Hockey

Admittedly, it is a bit cold here now, but I am determined (as is Hudson) to get outside as much as possible. He needs it, I need the fresh air, and I enjoy the time that we have together. We usually have outside time after lunch and Anna has been napping earlier on days when she skips that morning nap. Recently we've been playing Rescue Fireman. Of course, Pooh is the 'rescuee' and Fireman Hudson must travel to his location in his Power Wheels Jeep.

Today it was downright cold. Really - Hudson was excited that it was flurrying much of the time we were out - and honestly, so was I! :)

Hudson also loves to play "hockey" with mommy. He's totally into it!

When we came in, Hudson had to have some Hot Cocoa with whipped cream....

And I am just sharing this picture because this is what I found when I got out of the shower yesterday. Man, she climbs....just like her brother. Who said girls aren't as adventurous?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


We're recovering...after I wrote last, Hudson started a high fever virus - at least that is what the Dr. said. They said over the phone that there is a high fever virus going around. Oh, and we found out that Anna has a sinus infection. So, after a weekend of laying low, today it finally seemed like we are on the mend....well, just in time for my pending surgery this Thursday.

In other news - Anna has been laughing at herself. Full on, whole body, everything gets into the giggle laughter. It's really cute. It's fake, but it is really cute. She sat in her room for about 45 minutes this afternoon, playing and laughing at herself. Hilarity in its purest forms are quite refreshing...she was refreshing to my mommy weary spirit.

Coming soon - video of Anna walking like a maniac. She's getting to be a pro!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Denial and Smiles

Yes, admit it, you've been in denial. You've missed me. You've missed my posts. You haven't been able to function because you've been in constant "check the crazy beautiful chaos blog" mode. I know it. It's really ok - I've just been doing some detox for you - involuntary detox. But I'm back, kinda, and that's good for you can have your hourly "fix" of us.

Ok, just kidding, but really - it's been a while, and I can blame it on these crazy germs in this new climate...really! In a short summary (please pray for our health in this house!), we had: sinus infection (Hudson), walking pneumonia (Beth), puking bug (Anna), body flu (Chris), diarrhea bug (Anna), puking bug (Chris - and it's his birthday - collective "awwww!"). I opened up all the windows to air out the house and have been sanitizing and washing a lot. Hopefully we're getting hit now, and it won't come later...hopefully.

I just to post some pictures of the past 2 weeks, because between all of these things, we did manage to find some fun and enjoyable moments - this Smith family don't let no bugs get us down...we keep on truckin. We keep on smilin'!

We hit the zoo on a beautiful "indian summer day" was in the 70s and gorgeous. It was a great zoo - in fact, we liked it so much, and we miss the Phoenix Zoo so much, that we ended up applying our day tickets toward a family year membership - and we get to take guests, so come join us sometime! There were all sorts of neat things - not to mention it was just gohr-jus that day....we were zippin along and the kids were fully entertained - until Anna puked all over herself and the stroller. We still had fun!

Roar! A fierce lion and lioness!
On a beautiful path over the creek to the wilderness experience

Daddy and Hudson time....zebras are so cool!Mommy was happy to see her favorite zoo animal - giraffes! And there were babies!

A cool slide that is from a tree - Hudson loved this thing! (t-minus 30 seconds until puke time after this picture was taken.....ewww....)What happens immediately after Anna pukes.....she sleeps.Daddy and Anna playing "uh-oh" blocks.Happy birthday Daddy!Hudson and Mommy made Apple Butter. It is really yummy! Hudson was a good helper in peeling and coring the apples. He even cut the apples into pieces for the crock-pot.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy for Tigger and Piglet

Our family traveled to the hood of the Flamingo Mama and her flock to trick-or-treat on Halloween. They live in this great community that has a TON of kids and families. We arrived around 5, let the little ones play for a bit, and then sat down to eat a nutritious dinner before the sugar-fest was set to begin. We dined on salad, homemade bread, homemade chicken noodle soup and baked potatoes....and yes, our kids actually ate, because there was the threat of no candy if a good meal wasn't in the bellies first. Amidst the chaos of 5 excited children, there were also 4 grandparents and 3 parents present. The Rockstar Nurse was fulfilling his nurse-ly duties :)

After dressing them all and heading out the door for a quick picture, we were off. Lil' Rocker (the frog) and Anna (Piglet) got the easy ride in the wagon - and neither of them had a clue what was happening - although Lil' figured it out fairly quickly! We had Tigger, Piglet, Frog, Ladybug (Sha-Sha) and a Red Power Ranger (Ringleader).Piglet just liked the crinkle sound her stickers were making!
We traversed the street and enjoyed many "ahhs" and "oh so cute!" comments of our brood. Grandmom Engle held Tigger's hand and the other Grandma's stuck by the two elder of the group. After about an hour (and a few houses that were out of their goodies already), we headed back to check out the "booty".
Yes, look at Piglet stand - she loves to crawl and then stand up now....she's getting pretty good at her balancing act - no walking yet, but it is sure to come soon!

Tigger and Piglet would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween - and as Hudson said goodbye to the candy-givers, "Ta Ta For Now!" (yea, he really did, and they ate it up!)