Thursday, November 13, 2008

Denial and Smiles

Yes, admit it, you've been in denial. You've missed me. You've missed my posts. You haven't been able to function because you've been in constant "check the crazy beautiful chaos blog" mode. I know it. It's really ok - I've just been doing some detox for you - involuntary detox. But I'm back, kinda, and that's good for you can have your hourly "fix" of us.

Ok, just kidding, but really - it's been a while, and I can blame it on these crazy germs in this new climate...really! In a short summary (please pray for our health in this house!), we had: sinus infection (Hudson), walking pneumonia (Beth), puking bug (Anna), body flu (Chris), diarrhea bug (Anna), puking bug (Chris - and it's his birthday - collective "awwww!"). I opened up all the windows to air out the house and have been sanitizing and washing a lot. Hopefully we're getting hit now, and it won't come later...hopefully.

I just to post some pictures of the past 2 weeks, because between all of these things, we did manage to find some fun and enjoyable moments - this Smith family don't let no bugs get us down...we keep on truckin. We keep on smilin'!

We hit the zoo on a beautiful "indian summer day" was in the 70s and gorgeous. It was a great zoo - in fact, we liked it so much, and we miss the Phoenix Zoo so much, that we ended up applying our day tickets toward a family year membership - and we get to take guests, so come join us sometime! There were all sorts of neat things - not to mention it was just gohr-jus that day....we were zippin along and the kids were fully entertained - until Anna puked all over herself and the stroller. We still had fun!

Roar! A fierce lion and lioness!
On a beautiful path over the creek to the wilderness experience

Daddy and Hudson time....zebras are so cool!Mommy was happy to see her favorite zoo animal - giraffes! And there were babies!

A cool slide that is from a tree - Hudson loved this thing! (t-minus 30 seconds until puke time after this picture was taken.....ewww....)What happens immediately after Anna pukes.....she sleeps.Daddy and Anna playing "uh-oh" blocks.Happy birthday Daddy!Hudson and Mommy made Apple Butter. It is really yummy! Hudson was a good helper in peeling and coring the apples. He even cut the apples into pieces for the crock-pot.


Flamingo Mama said...

i have missed you! i'm so glad you are not pukin yet!

way to "air out" those germs!

please call if you need help!!! i get caught up in my own flamingo world sometimes and forget my pukin, hackin, poopin sista's family!

The Wyler Family said...

wow! we have had a bit of sickness here in our house too. such a bummer considering we have had the most gorgeous days! oh, well. we took advantage of them as best we could. your zoo looks like lots of fun! yummy apple butter! i love fall treats.
hope you all stay healthy!

FrogMama said...

Oh... I can so relate to all the puke :( Thanks for the condonlences :) Wish I could sample that apple butter; looks yummy!

Trace said...

I will apologize now for my inappropriateness, but the one thing that I really want to comment on is that I really like your hair in that one pic. I like the new style!