Saturday, September 29, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame!

That is one of the kids' favorite songs over the past summer...and thanks to some generous tickets given to us, we were able to take all five of us to see the phitin Phils!  Unfortunately, the Phils didn't pull out a win for us, but we had a great time....the five of us.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 months old

The faces…the rolls…the smiles…the joy…IMG_1702

Hadleigh, your big sibs love you.  Seriously. Love. You.  In fact, at times it is difficult to keep their hands off you.  Like in the morning.  They know you are so happy, so smiley in the morning.  Yet, you sleep in.  They don’t.  You like a good 8:30 wakeup time.  They like a good 6:45 am wakeup time.  Just a note dear baby girl….mommy rather enjoys the 8:30 wake up time.  Just sayin.


I never want to forget your cute chubs that have reached the point of not being able to tell where your legs stop and your buns begin…cuz that just makes me want kiss your thunder thighs all day long!


You do get rather serious at times during the day – when you start to wind down after some wake time (which, by the way, I must tell you I love your schedule you’ve fallen into as well…man, you are a good baby!)

You’ve discovered your hands (right on developmental target!) and you spend hours examining them.  You’ve figured out they are attached and sometimes try to bat at things that hang above you on your playmat – or you reach for the ladybug on the mirror.


Yea, that ladybug.  She’s SOOO FUNNY!


But mainly, I just want you to know and always know that you are loved.  You are wanted.  You are prayed for and you are desired.  Because we all love you – even your protective big brother.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fancy Anna’s Fabulous Fifth!


Fancy Anna started her day off with the traditional birthday crown, the birthday plate and her breakfast of choice.  She had chosen homemade sticky buns with sprinkles, fruit salad (with blueberries and peaches were the request) and sausage.  Not only did she get to have a yummy breakfast, but she got to share it with her fancy friends, Kamela and Aunt Kimmie who drove all the way from CT to be with her for her special day.


Our tradition is that you get to open family presents at breakfast and friend presents at the party.  She was delighted that Hudson picked out an Ariel doll for her, and Hadleigh treated her to a new Fancy Nancy book.

Her biggest birthday surprise came in the door at around 1:00….all the way from Texas.


I’m pretty sure that is the face of one delighted and happy little girl that her Uncle B flew in to spend the weekend with her. (A surprise to everyone!)

Thanks to Aunt Kimmie, Uncle Bryan and Ms. Kristin, we were able to get the party started right!  They were a big help as Daddy had an obligation at church that morning.  Anna’s invites were purses that she decorated with stick-on jewels and the inside said,


Ooh la la!  You are cordially invited to a SOIREE! (That’s a fancy word for party!)  Get yourself all dolled up with some fancy accessories and join us as we celebrate Anna’s 5th birthday (Fancy Nancy Style)!”

As the guests arrived at the birthday girl’s mansion, they were told where to go…


The mademoiselles and monsieurs turned the corner and were helped to “Fancy themselves up!”  The girls wore pink boas (Anna declared only Mommy and she wore purple), necklaces and did their nails, as the boys drew swords and tattooed themselves…and a few got their nails painted as well!


(Just a note about this picture below:  I love that Hudson went up to his room and fancied himself up for the party – he choose a button down shirt, a tie and fancy shoes for the party!)


Dinner was pizza, watermelon and crudités – that’s fancy for raw vegetables – and Parisian Pinkies Up Pink Lemonade.


PINKIES UP!  Cuz that’s fancy!


Anna and Mommy had found a purple and pink purse pinata (how perfect for a Fancy Nancy party!) and each child got a swing at the pinata while Uncle Bryan and daddy held it from above.


After all the party-goers had a whack at it, Anna was allowed to hit it multiple times until it broke….and then the chaos began :=)  Kindly enough, the bigger kids shared some of their collection with the smaller ones.


After presents and thank yous, the sugar was served.  We had the kiddos decorate sugar cookies with their icing of choice and a myriad of sprinkles.


After the majority of the families went home, Kamela, Anna and Katelyn played on into the night because their mommies were having too much fun hanging out in the backyard with Daddy, Miss Marion and Uncle Bryan. IMG_1671 (Their mommies all went to college together.)  They even stayed late enough that when the time came for baths, of course they all had to get one together!  And no, the water isn’t brown because they were so dirty – they put one too many fizzy tub colors into the tub…and got brown.


Fancy Anna’s party was deemed a success, because as every mama wants to hear, as Anna was put to bed, she declared….


“Thanks Mama.  That was the best birthday EVER!”

And that made it all worth it.  My pleasure peanut.  My pleasure.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School 2012

anna first day

Anna Banana went back to school yesterday….she was so excited to get back into the swing of school.  She looked darn cute headed into preschool in that green dress.  She picked it out because “gween is your favolit color mama!”  Because many of her friends started Kindergarten this year, she is already talking about when she goes with Hudson to school next year.  She says her favorite part of school is finger painting :o)


Hudson is in the full swing of second grade now….It is really hard for me to believe that he is in second grade.  If I were still teaching, he’d be in one of my friend’s rooms from my grade level, for when I was in the classroom, that was my team…my age…

In all honesty, it’s been a little hard for me to see him in this grade.  He will excel, I have no doubt – I hope that his teacher wants parent helpers, as I really would love the opportunity to still be in his classroom when he still thinks it is cool his mom comes in.  And I know that as he continues, teachers use parent helpers less and less.  He says his favorite part of school so far is Daily 5 and getting to write stories with his buddies during free time in the room.  They already completed their first work of fiction entitled “Time Time”.


The first Friday after school started, we continued our tradition with the Lehmans for a back to school cookout and special cake dessert.  This year we rocked a “wheel of fortune” cake because it is currently Hudson’s favorite show and Wii game.  (He’s an old man in a little man’s body, I tell ya!)


I love that we’ve been doing this for three years and we can already see them growing (in the pictures and in personality, as well).  And of course this year, Braxton is holding the newest addition to the clan – evening out the number to six “little” people.IMG_1530

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Baby girl is giving us real smiles on a regular basis now – and they just darn melt your heart….IMG_1547

and so does her adorable little face…makes you want to eat her up with kisses!


Those cheeks just call out “KISS ME!”