Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 months old

The faces…the rolls…the smiles…the joy…IMG_1702

Hadleigh, your big sibs love you.  Seriously. Love. You.  In fact, at times it is difficult to keep their hands off you.  Like in the morning.  They know you are so happy, so smiley in the morning.  Yet, you sleep in.  They don’t.  You like a good 8:30 wakeup time.  They like a good 6:45 am wakeup time.  Just a note dear baby girl….mommy rather enjoys the 8:30 wake up time.  Just sayin.


I never want to forget your cute chubs that have reached the point of not being able to tell where your legs stop and your buns begin…cuz that just makes me want kiss your thunder thighs all day long!


You do get rather serious at times during the day – when you start to wind down after some wake time (which, by the way, I must tell you I love your schedule you’ve fallen into as well…man, you are a good baby!)

You’ve discovered your hands (right on developmental target!) and you spend hours examining them.  You’ve figured out they are attached and sometimes try to bat at things that hang above you on your playmat – or you reach for the ladybug on the mirror.


Yea, that ladybug.  She’s SOOO FUNNY!


But mainly, I just want you to know and always know that you are loved.  You are wanted.  You are prayed for and you are desired.  Because we all love you – even your protective big brother.


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Leslie said...

OK, wow - that third picture, WHEW! I'm at work, and when I scrolled to the third picture I gasped out loud, and my coworker asked what happened. (Try explaining that you're gasping about a photo, and when they ask whose photo, you have to say, "Ummm, mmmm, a complete stranger's daughter's photo!) Actually, that made me try to remember how I found your blog, but now I remember - from "Knocker Boys", who follows your blog and lives in the town I grew up in and is friends with people I know. That's how. If you were wondering!

Anyway, she is SO BEAUTIFUL! That nose! That mouth! And... those blue eyes!