Friday, August 30, 2013

4th annual b2s partay!


The fourth annual Lehman-Smith back to school party was a smashing success – even down to the homemade ice cream turned homemade handcranked vanilla milkshakes.



I love this tradition of getting together the Friday after school begins to relax, eat, and celebrate God’s goodness to our families….and the opportunity to sit and look at all 6 of our blessings and know that God has given them to us.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

back to school 2013

The yearly procession has begun…back to school is here.  But this year is a little different.  No, A LOT different.  This year, we send one to 3rd grade (how is that possible!) and one to Kindergarten.


On the first morning of school Hudson was rip-roaring ready to go.  As was his little sister, but she had to wait 2 more days.  I personally love this little family picture the first morning of 3rd grade.

anna k roundup

The next day, Anna got to go to kinder round up.  In our area, the kindergarteners start a few days later so that they have the opportunity to go into the classroom for an hour with a small group of students and do a few activities, talk to their teacher and get comfortable with the environment.  Anna didn’t want to leave Mrs. Smith’s room.  She wanted to stay.


But her day came!  On Friday, she asked every 5 minutes – is it time?  Is it time?  She is in afternoon K, and once the clock hit 12, she knew the time was coming.  At 12:25, we hopped in the van and off to school we went!


She had no problem walking in the door – barely even a wave back to Mommy and Daddy who were in the van watching her.


But the best part?  Watching her BOUND OFF the bus to tell us about her first day.  She loved her first day.  She loves going to school.  We are so excited for her!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Lake

A mid-summer trip to Lake Barkley is like lemonade on a warm day.  Or Sweet tea in the afternoon while the sun beats down.  In other words, it’s good for the soul. 

skipper hugsbry kayak

This July we made the long trek in the mini to be with family.  To breathe deep.  To let the flies buzz by and feel the cool lake water on our toes.  To watch the sun set in the clear sky as the boat came in after a long (but too short) afternoon on the waters.  Too much fun and the time went too quickly.  IMG_3100

lake groupbbq


For me, Lake Barkley and being with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tommy is refreshment to my inmost soul.  I come feeling tired, and always  leave feeling filled (mostly with good food and love).

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Garden girl

If you have seen the "Odd life of Timothy Green" you will understand when I say I think Anna could have leaves on her legs. My girl loves our garden. She eats grape
tomatoes from the garden like they are grapes and gobbles up cucumbers like candy. 
Hadleigh isn't far off her sister in her love for veggies either. She grabs Romas and green peppers to eat like apples. My girls love to eat and Hudson loves to help harvest. He likes them better once they are pasta sauce :)