Tuesday, June 4, 2013

lights and boxes - rainy days

We’ve been hit with this weird patch of weather in these parts…it was 90 for a few days, then rainy and cold.  Like cold.  Seriously.  Like we had to give in and turn the heat back on in our house because the temperature was too cold to function during the day.  (Add that to the propane bill coming our way, I’m sure!)

IMG_2756So this mama comes up with ideas to entertain her yungins when we are confined to the house.  It’s spring, or so I thought, so I was not anticipating having to come up with a cold and dreary day activity.  Much to my luck, we had an empty car seat box and we created a light up playland.


We poked holes in the top of the box and I strung a set of white lights through.  (just the lights).  After that, we took turns decorating – Hudson’s side of the box is a time machine complete with a flux capacitor and an emergency on/off switch.   Anna’s side is a house complete with a list of who is allowed into her house when it is a house.   We like the box so much (as does Hadleigh) that it now has a semi-permanent residence in our basement playroom. 

anna box

Yipee for boxes!

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