Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hudson's 3rd Birthday Party

So Hudson's 3rd. Kinda crazy, kinda just snuck up on us. We can't believe he is "ackchullee" (one of his fave words at the moment) three. His birthday party was fun and chaotic - but a great one as it was the first in which almost all of our family was able to attend. He is addicted to Toy Story and really wanted a cowboy party, so a Woody the Cowboy party it was. Here's the picture we used from his invitation - and then we had pictures of all the kids that attended on WANTED posters so they felt a part of the action too.BUT, the best part of the whole party (according to Hudson and a fair amount of cowboys and cowgirls in attendance) was when we sang Happy Birthday to the young outlaw. He was so excited, that he shook and couldn't even contain himself. Have a gander at the video - it's hilarious!

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Trace said...

Loved seeing Hudson blow out his candles. I wished I was there -- I would have begged to eat the piece of cake that Hudson spit on. :-)