Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anna's Fourth Birthday!

Our favorite birthday girl "had SOOOOO much fun" (quoted after her guests left).  The little lady requested a Disney Birthday party - not just princesses, but she desired to be non-exclusive and include all her favorite characters from her recent trip to Disney World.

Invitations went out, and many guests came to the kingdom for a great night of celebrating Anna's life.  We were able to host the party at Gymboree Play & Learn (if you know us, you know how we got to be there) and it was a perfect venue for a bunch of 4 year olds.  The kids played dressup, we danced, we tumbled, we did art projects, we ate, we sang and we tired ourselves out.  It was an amazing time!

To our beautiful little lady,

We are so proud of who you are becoming. Joy shines through your eyes, your smiles and laughter light up lives, and we see you trying to love like Jesus. Nothing could make us prouder. We love you Anna Banana. Happy fourth birthday!

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Tracy Watanabe said...

Happy birthday to a happy girl! Love you much!

Many hugs and love,
Miss Tracy