Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer’s Last Hurrah pt. 2

Our darling Daddy and the two youngest darlings had never ventured to an authentic farm show fair before – and right before school began, we had the opportunity to attend one with Grandmom.IMAG0414

How exciting to walk onto the fairgrounds and see the sights, smell the delicious foods wafting in the air and hear the delighted screams of those on the rides.  The darlings were ecstatic to come across a “kare AK ter” as we made our way down the first aisle.  Hudson even signed up for the opportunity to win a Cars 2 t-shirt at this booth…more on that to come.IMAG0415IMAG0417

The full experience of a farm show is not complete without a visit to the petting station – Hugs was enamored with watching the baby chicks.  “Look Mommy! One is cracked!  Is it going to hatch?  I think it’s going to hatch! It’s wiggling!  Look, that one is dead…no it’s not.  He’s breathing!”  He was a non-stop commentator on the happenings in the egg incubator.  Truly adorable – and the older kids thought he was hilarious.  Anna was beside herself with the “Toot Cow!”

IMAG0420IMAG0426       IMAG0427IMAG0429

We rode a few rides – the ferris wheel, a kid’s lovebug drive, and Grandmom took the kids on the scrambler – ugh, it makes me sick thinking about it, but it is one of her favorites!!!

IMAG0431          IMAG0433

We finished out the night with a game or two and look who won the Cars 2 shirt?  That combined with the snow cones for the kids, the latte for Daddy and the caramel apple for Mommy made for a happy family!

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