Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anna’s First day of Preschool!

Thanks to the gift of abundant rain and wind and flooding, compliments of Hurricane Irene, Anna’s first day of preschool was postponed until Tuesday!  She was so excited to head off to “Hudson’s preschool” which we now keep reminding her is “Anna’s preschool!IMG_9951

Our fashion diva (honestly, this girl has got style at putting things together – I really don’t understand it, because she puts things together that I never would, and she looks darn cute  in them) was totally stoked about the new outfit that Mom-Mom got for her.  She rocked it with her new polka-dot backpack that she picked out for herself – and of course, did a rockin’ job modeling.


Big bro wanted in on the action; which was honestly insanely adorable because he kept reassuring her what a great time she was going to have and that she looked “cute”.


Ahhhh…  They are one another’s best friends….and at times, best of enemies (although it lasts for about 5 minutes!).  PS – she loved it, and is excited to go back again!


Anonymous said...

So wish I could have been there to see her off on her first day... she is growing up much too fast. Love them both like crazy...Grandmom

Tracy Watanabe said...

She looks adorable! You can feel her excitement in these photos!

Love ya!