Monday, September 5, 2011

Special Edition–ALD 2011.3

This special edition of the ALD (Anna Language Dictionary) comes to you courtesy of a trip to see the big mouse and a Daddy and Mommy who are proud of their peanut.  If you aren’t aware of the previous editions, you can find them here & here.

IMG_3759Skweeping Beauty (noun)

A legendary princess clad in pink splendor with several names.  She is Briar Rose and Aurora.  Often referred to in the commoner world as “Sleeping Beauty”.

IMG_3708Tentena (noun)

pronunciation: ten ten ah

The object of which an electronical device receives a radio frequency signal. 

IMG_3723Monatrail (noun)

pronunciation: Mon uh trail

A railway system (made famous by Walt Disney Imagineers) that utilizes a singular track….monorail.

Wermaid (noun)

pronunciation: were made

usage:  “Ariel is my favorite wermaid!” 

IMG_3752Reepunzel (noun)

pronunciation: ree pun zuhl

A literary beauty whose long locks tangle and untangle in a web of love and adventure.

Hotowel (noun)

pronunciation: hoe tOW uhl

Hotel.  But make sure you put an emphasis on the middle of the word with an “OWWWWW”.  It’s necessary.  Seriously.

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