Monday, January 31, 2011


Here.  Today.  Mark it down in your journals and the annals of history.  Anna introduces to the world her newest addition to the upcoming English language Dictionary…version 2011.1.

Fwoppy (adjective)

pronunciation: fwahp-pee

A condition of the skin.  A wrinkling of the epidermis.  Similar to the skin of plump raisins.  Can be used in varied formats…according to the creator

usage:  I have fwoppy skin from the bathtub.  My hands are fwoppy.  OR   I feel fwoppy.


So I’m thinking, maybe I’ll turn this into a “buzz” word.  Maybe when I think something is a little wrinkled, a little messed up?

Dude, that’s totally fwoppy.


Tracy Watanabe said...

Oh how I wish I could post all of the fwoppy comments here... But, I have a reputation to protect. =)

Love it!


Angie said...

love it!

Knocker Boys said...

I can't wait to hear the next word she adds to our language. Keep them coming.