Monday, January 24, 2011

5 snowboys and a snowgirl

IMG_3242This is the tale of 5 snowboys and one snowgirl

                  who ventured out on a cold winter’s day.

“It’s only 11 degrees outside,” said their mommies.

                 “Let’s enjoy the warmth (ha!) and go play!”

So they all bundled up, nice and warm

                  from head to toe there was nary skin showing.IMG_3238

From the top of the hill they flew like a flash

                  they zoomed so fast, they were nearly glowing.

Giggles and laughs were all around,

              filling the hollow with a delightful sound.

A day to remember, this is for sure;

             friendship warms the heart – it’s so pure.IMG_3243

(ok, it was a little K-orny, but it was fun to write.)IMG_3239

I had to include this one – Anna took the hand warmers from her mittens to warm her cheeks!!!!!IMG_3246

And this one – Hudson was being a super big brother trying to pull Anna up the steep, steep, steep hill in her tube instead of making her walk.  I guess the chivalry lessons are starting to kick in!


Alusco said...

you were right next to my house and I didn't even hear you all sledding, we would have joined you.

Tracy Watanabe said...

Love the pictures. Anna has the right idea with the hand warmers!
Love ya!

vawriter said...

I guess you're going to be thrilled with the sledding after today's snow. Me? Not so much. I'm snowed in with what used to be a whole chocolate cake I baked for my Mom2Mom group's luncheon today. We were desperate to get together after last week's cancellation, but WINTER has a mind of its own. Enjoy your beautiful family and stay warm.

Linda Phelps