Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tubing with the Cuz-ez…

While the fam from around the country (TX, KY, FL) came to our home on the Eastern seaboard to relax and enjoy one another (hopefully!)….we also made some time for some wicked fun activities.  Actually, I don’t think relax was the best choice of words!  We didn’t stop much – we were having too much of a blast.DSCF0036clockwise L – R: beth, alli, bryan, will, matt, chris, hudson 

The younger (not the youngest!) generation were given a few hours’ pass to go tubing on a not-too-far-away ski slope; along with that gift was childcare for Anna and the chance for Hudson to join us.  While we were a bit disappointed that we had to wait for an hour to hit the slopes (there were 8 different runs for tubes), we managed to entertain ourselves with a rowdy game of “up-jenkins” (a Brethren in Christ denominational classic) and coin basketball hoops (a Matt-special).DSCF0021

After our wait, we headed for the lines for tubes, grabbed the overfilled and slippery floats and headed to the people mover.

DSCF0024  There is no other way to say that we had a fantastic time than to maybe watch this video….we all laughed so hard the many times we went because we were allowed to go down together – in a chain or in a blob. 

This is one activity that I think definitely has me won over about the Northeast – I couldn’t have done this in Phoenix. In this video we all intend to start out together….and the challenge is to pick up a mitten that was lost by a group in front of us. 



Anonymous said...

Glad you could have so much fun as cuz... a special treat and we had fun at home as the older fam and the youngest one... little Anna.
Let's make that a PA tradition each time fam is here for Christmas, but all of us will go!

Flamingo said...

i've been wanting to do this now that the kids are old enough! gone are my days of skiing. i told mark that i know i will break my leg if i go again. the spirit of adventure in me is gone.:)

crazybeautifulchaos said...

there's adventure somewhere in that Flamingo Body!