Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a nefarious foe

(random pictures will be inserted in this post…well, because they are cute…and they are what we’ve been up to!)

time…isn’t she a nefarious foe?  Inspiration for ideas of things to wax poetically upon strike me at the oddest moments.  Most often, those are moments in which I do not have the “time” to sit down and write.  IMG_8448Dr. Anna to the rescue! 

Why do I write?  I like it.  I enjoy it.  It’s a creative outlet for me.  It is a great way I’ve found to replace scrapbooking (I can still keep track of great stories and pictures and print them into a book!).  One day that foe will return my “me-time”…and then assuredly, I will be wishing that I could return to the days that I now trudge through.  Although trudging is not always the best of words….some days it is skipping, some days marathoning, and on those really long days…trudging.IMG_8310 Hudson’s elation at getting a “double” doggie – now there are 2!

I recently wrote three words on my window at the kitchen sink (read:  I’ll see them at least 15 times a day!).  Tonight, Hudson noticed them.  They are three words that I want to be reminded of this year.  Three words that I am constantly trying to keep at the forefront of my mind, because I am so oft reminded that my time with my littles is fleeting.

Stop.  Play.  Enjoy.

I don’t want that nefarious foe to win the battle.  I don’t want the words “my mom didn’t have time to play with me…she was too busy” to cross the minds of my kids when the grow up.  So my goal (and please, keep me to it)….is that when someone yells to me from across the house while I am elbow deep in a toilet, or up to my knees in laundry that I can say to myself, “Stop.  Play.  Enjoy.”

IMG_8293 IMG_8272

Reading Curious George with Uncle Bryan/Playing Monopoly Jr. with Daddy.


Bekah said...

she is brutal, time.

I like this a lot, I tend to stop and play, but not always fully enjoy. Like my mind is busy with the plans I have.

Tracy Watanabe said...

Ahhhhhhhh - I love these pics!