Wednesday, January 5, 2011

seeing Jesus in them

Yesterday a family in our community lost their home to arson.  While at Mom to Mom learning about “Our Father’s eyes:  Seeing our Children as God sees us” (which I just had a very eloquent post about, and my hand hit delete…oh well), a friend from church caught my eye in the hallway and she called me over to briefly tell me the quick story, and then asked to talk to our leader.

The family got out of their home with nothing but a box of pictures and the pajamas on their backs.  As they have a 3 year old girl and a boy in first grade, these strangers had my heart….and I knew I needed to tell my kids about this family.  Upon picking up Hudson from school, I told the kids the story, and they immediately began brainstorming ideas of how they could help.

Hudson had money in his back pack and wanted to give his handful of change to them.  Anna talked about giving babies and clothes.  Hudson said he could pick out some toys.

When the two walked into the house, they ran into their rooms and began gathering things…books, cars, toys, puzzles…and precious Anna had gotten her stool and was standing in her closet pulling clothes off of her hangers.  She had even laid her brand new Dora doll on her bed as an offering, because she thought it was a tragedy the little girl had no babies to play with.  (We ended up swapping out the new Dora doll, but still!)

I was so proud of them – the compassion they were having on kids they didn’t even know.  It was a moment that my heart was bursting and I was thanking God for working in my children.  Softening them.  Teaching them.  Loving them. 

He does that with all of us, don’t you think?  He teaches us, despite our hissy-fits of “why me” and our ungrateful attitudes.  He works through me, despite my self-centeredness.  He loves me – the most unlovable…and only because of His sacrifice, His grace.  ( I had to remember this “loving” part for my children later in the day when time-outs and spankings were looming…)

Yesterday was one big reminder from beginning to end to see Jesus around me.  Working.  Loving.  Being extended through the hands of His children… children….my friends….my family….yet all His.  From the verse that was in the forefront of my mind when my feet hit the floor in the morning, to the incredible Mom to Mom talk, to my children, to even the movie that Chris and I had for a date night on our couch last night;


May you see Him too….keep those peepers open.

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Anonymous said...

Beth (and Chris)...
You make me incrediable proud in the way you are raising your children. It is a precious story, but Hudson and Anna's reaction to the tragedy comes from the actions and words they have seen from the two of you. I love you all... Mom Engle