Monday, February 28, 2011

ALD 2011.2

The Anna Language Dictionary has recently released its' 2nd edition for 2011, with 2 new additions to the pages of vernacular.  (This is also a shameless excuse to post some ADORABLE pictures I snapped of Anna recently. ;o)

Po-po (noun)

Pronunciation:  poe-poe

A person that is silly.  A slightly off beat character who may make odd sounds and faces in order to make their child laugh.

Usage:  Daddy is a po-po.IMG_8706 Berzert (noun)

Pronunciation:  ber-zert

A sound made with the lips against another’s flesh by buzzing the lips at a high rate of speed while releasing expelled air from one’s lungs.  Also known as a zerbert, a raspberry, a buzzing kiss.

Usage:  No MORE BERZERTS, Daddy!

IMG_8685 IMG_8709 IMG_8722 IMG_8725


Knocker Boys said...

Really cute. Is she taking dance class or just wearing a costume?

crazybeautifulchaos said...

no class - she just likes dressing up to go "dancing". This particular morning we were at "ballerina school". :)

Flamingo said...

she is just such a beautiful little girl!