Friday, February 11, 2011

the good….well, and the not so good

I’m choosing to focus on the positives here…so here are the GOODS!

I got to clean out my deep freeze – and really, who can do that in the winter, or feels up to it because you can’t just step out on the driveway to warm up your fingers?  Doesn’t it look great?


It’s cold enough and we have enough snow that I could pack up the food and put it in the snow for a few hours.


My husband is a good sport and grills in the snow…with his boots on Smile


God has blessed us with a convection oven – and I can cook more than one thing at a time.


The “not so good”….well – Chris went to grab the burgers we were planning on having for dinner and found that the freezer in the garage was off.  The outlet had tripped and we didn’t know it.  Good?  It was winter!  Bad, it had been off for a few days, so we still lost stuff…but not all that we would have if it was 90 in the garage.

Good?  I got to meal plan for a week from the freezer because I had to cook a TON of stuff.  Some of it was lost for good.  So, I am ISO of an alarm that beeps audibly when the outlet stops working.  They have to have that somewhere!  If not, I’ll be a millionaire because I am going to invent one.

If you want a blueberry muffin, stop by – I had to make four batches with defrosted blueberries – I could refreeze some of them – some were still frosty.  I’d be glad to share!!!!


vawriter said...

That happened to me TWICE while I was trying to live in MD while attempting to sell our house in Williamsburg. It WAS summer. First time it happened it was the garage, then next was the kitchen. Not a nice surprise at the end of several hours driving, and the smell was every bit as bad as you can imagine. I will be the first one to buy one of your gizmos, but you have to invent an alarm that will notify you via cell phone alert.

Awesome job on the music this morning, Chris.


Linda who sat in front of you

Tracy Watanabe said...

Such a bummer! I know how much you love your freeze box o' goods!