Saturday, February 5, 2011

Banana’s first movie

So honestly, I was a little hesitant to take Anna to see her first movie.  Not that I didn’t think she would do a great job (she giggled through the whole thing and kept hitting my arm to repeat the line she just heard that made her laugh), but I wanted it to be special…like Hudson’s.  He waited 5 years.  5 years to get to see Toy Story 3.IMG_8494

She’s a second child.  Enough said, I guess.  Armed with a box of Mike & Ike’s to share, she was grinning ear to ear.  She was shaking she could hardly contain her excitement.

We were tired of being stuck inside and looking for something to do a couple of weekends ago and thought we’d frequent the local discount theater.  We paid 15.00 for 4 movie tickets, kid’s popcorn, a kid’s drink and an adult drink (with free refills on all drinks)….so it was a cheap family night.


We saw Despicable Me and she had a great time – in fact, we all did.  I am somehow in my head trying to rectify the fact that when I take her to a “real” movie theater (that isn’t crusty and have 2nd run movies AND costs a ridiculous amount for a ticket) that it will be for a princess movie or something that she really wants to see.  Girly.  Just like her ;o)


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Tracy Watanabe said...

Cute! Yes, it's fab to be the youngest and the only girl!
Love ya guys!
Stay warm!