Wednesday, October 12, 2011

fall zoo day

We have been so blessed by the beauty of the early fall season ~ the warm sun has been abundant and has brought many great opportunities to let it flow into our souls….you know, those last moments of warmth from the fleeting summer that you wish to store deep within as to pull from when January comes and it feels so cold.

philly family silly

So yes, we’ve been taking advantage – trying to – and we took a family day to the zoo.  Our favorite east coast zoo, to be exact; clad in our Phillies garb as to send good vibes to the team cheer for.

Philly Family smile

Our family of four had a blast – we ate our lunch and then were able to fully enjoy the tour of the grounds.  One area we love is the Barnyard – a space where many hands on attractions and up close encounters are plentiful; Anna enjoys driving the pedal tractors.

anna tractor

This Arctic Fox mama was quite protective of her baby that was curled up in the log behind her.  She kept a quiet outlook upon her perch.arctic fox

Anna chose to ride a banana – does that surprise you? Smile

Anna on Banana Ride

After a busy day, this is what happened on the ride home – fresh air from the open windows after an afternoon in the sun lulled us all to sleep – well, not Chris, he was driving!

sleepy kids

What an excellent day!  Thank you, Lord!


Tracy Watanabe said...

I love the pic of your cherubs sleeping.

Love ya,

Leslie said...

Now you're in my neck of the woods! OK, well, I'm in VA now, but most of my family is in PA, many around Philly, and I've been to that zoo many times :) These are excellent photos! Especially the sleepy babies photo - love those!

Knocker Boys said...

Where do you live??? Not enough sunny, warm days for me.

Angie said...

I'm cracking up at Marion's comment, 'cause I was gonna say the same thing! I'm gonna die if we don't get some sun around here!! Glad you got to enjoy the one weekend of sun that we've had since sometime in August! ;)