Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Odd tip of the day

My grandmother recently emailed me a really great tip....(yes, my grandmother emails, surfs the web, checks blogs; she's pretty rockin and hip) I needed to pass along the wisdom.

We love strawberries. Berries of any kind, actually. I scored a bunch of strawberries at a great price. So how do you keep all those delish rubies of sweetness fresh?

  • Wash them in 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water. Apparently it kills the fungal spores.
  • Rinse if you want, but it isn't necessary.
  • Drain and store. I store them in tupperware's fridgesmart containers.
It is working so well, I had to share.


Flamingo said...

hey i don't think that tip is odd at all:) i was supposed to write a blog post on this this summer but then i went on hiatus:) i was always losing strawberries so when i researched it, i found that if you don't wash them and store in fridge with papertowels seperating the layers it will save them...and it does work! so this method must work because of the vinegar. I like grandma's method better...that way you can eat them right out of the fridge:)

Tracy Watanabe said...

That's fab!

Leslie said...

Why did you girls tell me this sooner!? Ha ha! All summer long we've been eating strawberries, but since we only shop twice a month, we really only get two days of strawberries, then have to wait two weeks for more. Whaaaaaa! (They go bad SO fast.)

I am SO excited to tell my husband! Thank you for this post!