Monday, October 17, 2011

adven-chures with my girl

IMG_0232I say adventures with my girl, some would say adventures with my mini-me.  Everywhere we go, “Wow, your daughter looks exactly like you!”  I take it as a huge compliment, because I think she’s friggin’ adorable….and pray that someday maybe people will think I’m her big sister.  Come on now, my mom and my grandmother have beautiful skin – a girl can hope, right? (enough with the tangent…forging onto the post!)IMG_0234IMG_0231

2 years ago, I did this same exact trip with big brother and his preschool class – and now it is little sister’s turn.  She’s a big preschooler, in case you forgot.  You know, she gets kinda indignant if you happen to forget that she is four now.

She was so excited knowing that this trip was in her near future and the day finally arrived.  Warm, clear and beautiful – the perfect morning for a hayride through the rolling hills farmland.  We boarded the wagon and headed out for apples (4 each), a pumpkin (1 each), and gourds (2 each). 

The apple station was first – we choose mostly golden delicious, because heck, that is what I like and the looked prettier. (Yes prettier.  No comments.)  After she politely refused to take a picture documenting our time together picking apples, we wagoned up again and headed to the pumpkin patch.  Personally, I think this picture is priceless.  My princess who is surely a girly girl but loves playing rough and tumble (and is very scrappy and picks up bugs and frogs and stomps in mud), was saying,

“It’s dirty! I don’t want a dirty one!  It’s making my hands dirty!”



We managed to find a fairly clean looking one; one that would be worthy of being turned into Cinderella’s coach and were treated to applesauce and apple cider!  Yum!  A field trip where they feed you?  My kinda trip!  My mini-me loved the cider too.  We had a good day.  A good day it was.

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