Wednesday, December 5, 2012

outside and in

IMG_2030Christmastime is here…outside and in.  The little snowfall we had last week (followed by some 70 degree weather – wahoo!) was just enough to really get us in the spirit…and to just enough for Banana and Mommy to make a snowman!  It was just the right consistency, and baby sister was napping and it was too much to resist.

So trudging into our snow clothes we did go.IMG_2025

We made a snow man….IMG_2028caught snowflakes on our tongues….IMG_2022

and when we were good and (wet) cold, we had some hot cocoa.IMG_2031

Of course, when the tree is up and you want to sip hot chocolate, you need some cookies to go with it, right?  Who is this mama to argue when my kids want to bake with me…Hudson particularly has been set on making what he deems “christmas cookies” – to him, that means cut outs with icing and decorations.  Forget that I’ve tried to convince him that Christmas Cookies can be a multitude of different delights.  He is dead set.IMG_2061So that’s what we did  tonight while Daddy is at work until late…Wednesdays are our days that I intentionally plan something to entertain us all.  Anna and I mixed the dough early in the day and after our gourmet dinner of frozen pizza & salad, we got to the rolling, cutting, baking and decorating.   While watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, obviously. :-)


Homemade icing paint rocks.  If you don’t know about it,  ask me.  It’s the greatest thing ever for little cooks that love to decorate.



I do have to have a couple different kinds of cookies at Christmas…but am trying to make a tradition of a few particular ones. 

What cookies can you NOT pass up at Christmas?


Bekah said...

So cute! Tell me more about this you think Jack is old enough yet? He loves to bake!

crazybeautifulchaos said...

Jack would love it - Luke too if he can use a paint brush safely :) I will email you the recipe!

The Wyler Family said...

Okay. I am completely intrigued. What a GREAT idea to use a paintbrush! Do you just use homemade buttercream or is there a special recipe that works best?

Emily said...

Beth, can you email me the recipe as well?? Thanks!