Tuesday, July 21, 2009

while daddy was away....

So you have seen a snapshot of what we did while Chris was in Ethiopia - yes, Chris was in Africa on a missions trip with our church - and yes, we survived (so did he!) :o) When we found out Chris would be blessed to attend the trip and help represent the church in a town that we've adopted (our church sends several medical and teaching teams a year, and helps with clean water initiatives), my uncle and aunt siezed the opportunity and told us to come visit them in KY. That took about 4 seconds for me to decide to go - I love spending time with my cousins, aunt and uncle.

I have so many pictures from our awesome adventure to western Kentucky and will have to do this in a part one and part two post. We had so much fun: boating, swimming, spending time in the outdoor living room, walking, trail running, playing wii, watching my grandparents play Guitar Hero!, and more. Enjoy the visual trip with us!

Hudson was waitin' patiently to go out to the boat.

Anna and Aunt Cindy on a lazy summer afternoon - we loved being outside on the porch - where we could see the lake, feel a cool breeze and enjoy easy conversation.

On Saturday it rained, so Aunt Cindy and Alli took Hudson, Mom and I to the "Funky Monkey". We pottery painted - Hudson did so well! He is such a little artist, he was really into it!

This ladybug salad bowl was my creation - we got them fired just in time to bring them home - and I used mine tonight for yummy pasta salad - it turned out really cool! Hudson is proud of his stegasaurus.

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marion said...

That sounds like lots of fun!