Sunday, July 5, 2009

tw math

Last weekend I got to chill in Washington, DC with my bf from Arizona. Tracy happened to be in DC for an education conference and she had off on Saturday - I obviously had not a second guess to drive and be with her for the day. I met her at the hotel and then we took the Metro into the city to Metro Station in DC (yes, it's called Metro Station, not a metro station - even though it is). So, here is our day, in general, in pictures - this is Tracy Watanabe Math....

2 fun pictures at the Washington Monument (plus)

a picture perfect day with cool temperatures, sunny skies, and a light breeze (plus)
seeing awesome National sites like the Lincoln Memorial (plus)
goofing off with one of your bestest girlfriends (plus)
Loving some yummy seafood on an airy patio (plus)
pretending to meet the President (plus)
coming face to face with some dinos and several awesome exhibits at the Smitsonian(s) - EQUALS
A fantastic, memorable, makes-me-wanna-see-Tracy-every-day kinda day.

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Tracy said...

This was one of my favorite days this year.
Love you!