Friday, July 31, 2009

reading with your children

If you know me, you know that this is a passion of mine. The passion I have for reading to my children and introducing them to great literature (well-written prose has so many endless benefits to all ages) - and just the downright, undeniable cuddle-time and physical security that reading together provides is, and should be, worth it to any parent.

The following link is to a blog that I occasionally follow and I loved the guest post while the author is on vacation. Check it out, it's worth the trip through the link to surf on over to a new website....

Oh, and P.S. - I recently won a contest on this website and am receiving a signed original copy of a new release of a great children's book!



marion said...

Thanks for the link. That was a good post. And it's so true. Especially the part about making up stories for them or telling stories about "when they were little."

Congrats on winning! Awesome!

Flamingo Mama said...

hey!! just catching up with blogs!! well, for 5 minutes and then i have to go up and work...ugh. anyway....i'll be excited to check out the link...i agree i will so miss the days someday when i was snuggled on the couch reading with my kiddos.

off to check the link!

Tracy said...

Just gettin' my Smith Fix for the day. :)