Wednesday, August 5, 2009

(sigh) I'm for sure a mom

Yipppeeee, I got a new stove! The one that we've had here at the mission house since we arrived has always only had 2 functioning burners, and only one that boiled water. And I learned to readjust my oven cooking to 5-10 minutes less on a lower temperature. Well, finally the word got out and a new stove was brought to our door last week - and man, am I excited! It makes me want to cook even more. And this is it...

Really, that is exciting. (Sigh)....I must be a mom. But wait, there's more. I've been able to drive my mom's minivan around for the past 2 weeks, because she graciously let us borrow it when our Santa Fe was in the shop...well, it was in the shop for 2 days, and I've pilfered it for a few more days than that. (What a luxury to have two vehicles again!)

We've been a one family auto since we arrived in PA - I'll look at it as if we intentionally did it to save the planet. But not really.) This is the Quest I've been zooming around town in.
And now I have minivan envy. (sigh) I must be a mom. Man, never thought the day would come, but yes, let me shout it to the world, "I WANT A MINI VAN!" (ew, even typing it is slightly revolting to's a learned response, I'll get better.) It doesn't matter, because the days of us having one are in a future that is far, far away.

But while we're on the topic of minivans, I like this one too. It's the new Hyundai version (yup, we like our Hyundais in this family - our santa fe has served us amazingly well.) I guess it is ok to say that I covet this one too - but not to the point of sinfulness - just to the point of,

"(Sigh), I must be a mom."
P.S. I should be grateful for this realization, right? And I do rejoice in the reason that I want a minivan - my beautiful babies...and for them, I will never ever be ungrateful....(sigh - with a smile - I love them!)


Chris said...

Honey, if we get a minivan I may need to turn in my "mancard"!

marion said...

Chris, you're funny. It's all about comfort and convenience... you don't have to keep it forever. :)

I'm SOOOO HAPPY that you got a new oven! Yea! Very happy for you (and me - it will make canning peaches so much easier this year). :)

Tracy said...

Love it!

Emily said...

I have a feeling we'll be driving down mini-van row eventually too. just can't bring myself to cave into that at this point!

FrogMama said...

I remember having this conversation with you when we bought our van and you just weren't ready to make that commitment. Glad to see you've come over to the "dark" side :)

Anonymous said...

Chris, You need to change your viewpoint. Take this from a man that has driven a minivan.
The minivan is a statement of manhood! Here is what the minivan says about the man.
"This man not only has the ability to attract women but women want to commit to a lifetime with him. This man not only has a woman that committed to a lifetime but he as also been able to procreate, permanently establishing his bloodline on the earth."
Now, I no longer drive the minivan. But the same thought applies to my unwashed car that is covered in tiny handprints and stickers. And when I open the car door, french-fries and happy meal toys roll into the street.


Flamingo Mama said...

i just don't get it....i LOVE my minivan and am very proud of it....i've never quite gotten why minivan's aren't cool. it symbolizes you are a mom..and that is super cool! ;0

Flamingo Mama said...

oh and tell chris that my hubby enjoys the van too. real men wear pink. real men drive vans:)