Monday, August 31, 2009

i can can, can you?

If I knew how to put the "can-can" song here, I would. My husband is proud of me. I can can. Yes, I can! Enough of the "cans", well, enough of the bad puns. This past week was produce city at our house and I didn't want any of it to go to waste.
Mom brought me a TON of romas from a local farmer, a neighbor gave me tomatoes and I had some I had bought - so what's a girl to do? Well - how about put away some fresh summer salsa for the winter? So the divine Ms. Ang came over and our children entertained one another AND she helped me can some salsa....all done within three hours, which I found highly impressive. She taught me some of her neato tricks that her preserving lovin' Mama taught her.

(Don't worry ladies, this isn't a tool used for your yearly visit, it is a jar lifter lift those hot jars from the hot pot of boiling water.)

Then on Friday, Mom and Marv-uh-lus Ms. Marion and her children arrived at our home for our second annual Peach Preserving Party. 5 kids 5 and under could at times spell disaster, but they played wonderfully. Hudson and Peter loved playing robots and dinosaurs together, and Sam and James tolerated Anna hanging out with them (in all actuality, they really enjoy playing all together.)We were able to preserve 25 quarts and 17 pints of peaches for the winter time. We decided to do diced peaches this year instead of slices because it makes for easier feeding of little people. Scoop and serve - no cutting up slices this year! :)
Now, I have a GI-NORMOUS bowl of tomatoes left and will be working on sauce for the winter...but for now I'm wiped. Praise the Lord for providing (in advance!) for some of our food this winter!

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