Tuesday, July 7, 2009

kickin' off the fourth

To kick off our fourth of July weekend, we hit the local waterways with good friends of ours who have a canoe and a kayak. And with four adults and 5 kids - we managed to have a memorable time and more than a few laughs. There is, of course, no record of them in their vessel, as they brought their camera and we had Chris' cell phone camera. We'll get some pics of them up here eventually. I love this shot, because "the boys" were having a blast watching a cool dog (named Buckley - what a great name for a dog!) jump off the dock and swim after sticks her owner was allowing the boys to toss for her. They were each delighted to have turns and admired her swimming ability.

This admiration then lead to them jumping into the water near the dock and going for a swim as well (despite it being a no swim zone). Late morning, Ang and I left to take Hudson to swim and she took Riley with her to the store. That left Chris with Anna (in the Kayak) and Daryl with Tate and Braxton in the canoe. They worked up an appetite and met us back at their homestead "in town" for some yummy eats and play time in the backyard. We had a blast!

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