Saturday, July 25, 2009

sfg getaway rewind

Rewind, well, because Marion forgot her camera, Becky was counting on me, and well, I forgot. I know, when do I ever leave the house without my camera? Maybe because I was so excited to leave the house and get away with girlfriends, I just plumb was in a hurry. (I'm sorry, the mommy in me is supposed to say, "I was so upset, just wrecked about leaving my children and husband that I was too distraught to remember such small details." Believe that one if it makes you think better of me.)
Rewind, because we bought a nice little disposable with a flash to take pictures (hence the non-digital quality) and it took me a while to get it put on digital cd to share with the girls - oh, and my loving readers.

Rewind, due to the fact that this trip was so much fun that I've just had to savor some of the memories and now I feel am able to share them. (That's me-speak for I've been busy this summer. ;)
We had a fabulous time on this getaway. We left mid-morning on Friday and traveled to Ocean City, MD, where Marion's extended family let us borrow their condo. We hit the beach after we unloaded the car and stayed as long as we could - then had quintessential after-a-day-at-the-beach dinner: fresh veggie sauce and pasta with a delish salad and gourmet garlic bread. For dessert we walked to the boardwalk and got ice cream.
Saturday we woke to overcast and drizzly skies - but made ourselves breakfast and hit the outlet mall. Picked up a Redbox movie and by the time it was over, the sun broke through. (I must admit, I was the optomist and kept insisting it would get clear; as the thunder rolled across the bay! :) We were able to rock the beach for a bit and then went for seafood - fresh, mouthwatering, delight to your senses seafood.
Unfortunately after dinner, Becky had a headache and stayed back while Marion and I hit the boardwalk for the evening...and we had fun....see for yourself.It was tough to think about going home because of how much fun we had, but we knew our 'real' jobs were calling us - well, that and we knew the amount of kisses and hugs we would receive upon walking in our doors. Blessed we are - in friendship, in family, by our Savior.


marion said...

That's funny.

Flamingo Mama said...

that looked like such a blast! still bummed i couldn't time:)