Thursday, May 28, 2009

day 6 - retro Disney

MGM Studios today. This day should be subtitled: Hudson heaven and paparazzi.

Hudson loved, I repeat, loved Tower of Terror. No, we aren't abusive. Although to some people it seems like it. Hugs is a thrill seeker. A serious thrill seeker. He lives up to his name that means "charasmatic adventurer." He scares me. I can only pray (which I do) that maybe God will use his love of crazy things and his love of airplanes for something like a missionary pilot or something. Back to the post -

We hit Playhouse Disney show first - we wanted to make sure we saw the show when the kids were rested and it wasn't full. They loved it. What 1.5 year old and 4 year old wouldn't be stoked to see a live show with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, Little Einstein, Handy Manny characters and My Friends Tigger & Pooh characters?

We rode it the first time and he was nervous about the whole beginning, and then laughed his socks off while the tower elevator dropped and shot back up and dropped again. We stepped off, and his first and immediate question was, "When can I go again?" Once again....thrill seeker.
After the gang saw the Muppet show, Hudson was delighted to enter the Pixar part of the park and nearly fainted with joy at meeting Lightning McQueen and Mater.We were walking to the other side of the park and looked up to find this in the sky, being written by a sky-writer plane....can you see that it is the beginning of the statement "PRAISE JESUS"!?!?!?! And the other faded one in the background is "HE LIVES"...rockin. Ok, that was cool.So we went back, had some naps (and pool time) and then returned to the park for the remainder of the day. I call this our paparazzi shot. It reminds me of a picture in a People magazine of a star with her kids just out for a stroll at the ranch. Which we were. We were looking at the horses in the corral while waiting for the bus. But I just find this picture funny. Love the pink soothie in Anna's mouth.We made it back to the park for our dinner reservation at an italian restaraunt called Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano (that's restaraunt speak for - YUM!). They made a big deal about Hudson's birthday and made him a lovely hat. He was excited. Can you tell?

After dinner, we hit a few more rides, including the new Toy Story ride that is interactive - it requires 4D glasses and is like an arcade. I should say, you are in the arcade while riding and participating. It's pretty incredible. The kids both loved it. Anna actually had a blast shooting with her arcade gun at the different games - by the end she understood what she was doing and was giggling. Then we stopped in to see Buzz and Woody. Anna wouldn't go near them, Hudson wanted to stay all day.Hudson and Daddy went to ride Tower of Terror one more time for the day and Mommy and Anna hung out on the Main Street until the met us. Anna got her prized Tink purse and necklace and Daddy and Hugs met us by this awesome fountain. Mommy finished out her requisite Disney Treat Expedition with a frozen chocolate covered banana (Daddy knows what yummy treats I like!) - and the little people managed to have a few bites as well.And we leave you with this beautiful face, enjoying the sunshine at sunset - what a great trip we had!

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