Thursday, May 21, 2009

Retro Disney - day 3

This day we just relaxed. If you go to Disney, build in days where you just chill. It's nice for everybody - every body - to take a break. And if you can, build in more than just one. It's nice to be able to do Disney at a relaxed pace - not to feel like you have to ride every ride and see every takes the stress off. Plus, seeing Disney through a child's eyes, is worth the slower pace. After swimming and sliding (a million times if you were Hudson!), and sleeping for a while in the afternoon, we ate dinner at the cabin and took the bus to Downtown Disney for dessert and shopping. The notable dessert was ice cream from Ghiradelli's Sundae Shop. That alone may have been worth the flight to Florida! :)

Hudson helping his lil' sis with her shoes to go to the pool

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