Sunday, May 3, 2009

happy disney birthday, hudson!

What a lucky little man - Hudson celebrated his fourth birthday today in the Magic Kingdom!

We started off the day at a nice leisurely pace, made our way to Main Street, USA via a ferry boat and entered a world full of smiles. It was amazing to see how many people wished Hudson a Happy Birthday (as he had been given a special pin upon our arrival on Saturday night). I would venture to say over a 100 cast members and guests gave him special wishes and if they didn't, he made sure to let them know that it was his birthday! The pin also came with some unexpected surprises at various shops along the way - he got treats, but they also noticed a little sister, and she got treats too!

We made sure to stop in the Main Street Confectionery to order our birthday celebration cupcakes for dinner and then we hit the rides. (Not many, mind you, remember - leisurely!) The lines weren't long at all - 10 minutes at most - except for Dumbo. We rode Snow White first and there was a thumbs up from Hudson, snuggling and hiding for Anna. After that we rode the carousel and Dumbo. We picked up lunch at sat at a great table that allowed us to watch the parade at the same time (Mickey, Buzz, Woody and Jessie all in the same parade? Hudson was in heaven! He kept calling out, "Hi Buzz! Hi Woody!")

After naps, the kids and I ventured back to meet Uncle Bryan and Grandmom at the gate where Hudson was greeted by Chip and Dale! They wished him a happy birthday and were elated that they could hold up 4 fingers like Hudson (they only have four, check it!). Bubba got to blast away Evil Emperor Zurg and laugh at Mike Sullivan in the Laugh Floor.

Back on the boat to the cabin for a special birthday dinner (Hudson's fave - Pasta and Salad) with Daddy arriving just in time off his flight to top off the evening with a round of Happy Birthday (twice, cause he likes it so much), complete with Mickey Balloons and special icing-laden cupcakes with four candles. (just enough icing to send him into hyperdrive before bed...i convinced him that if he split his cupcake in half, we could save the other half and sing happy birthday with candles again another night - it worked! :)

He's blissfully sleeping and most likely dreaming of what will come next - EPCOT to see Crush, Nemo and Dory....maybe they'll sing Happy Birthday too!

Happy Fourth Birthday Beautiful Boy!


Flamingo Mama said...

you are in florida???? where was I?

hope you are having a blast!!

Marion said...

super jealous. sounds like tons of fun! I'll have to try to get there over one of our birthdays!

The Wyler Family said...

happy birthday hudson! sounds like a fabulous day. what a lucky guy!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Hudson! sounds like you guys are having a fantastic time! enjoy Florida!