Thursday, May 28, 2009

day 5 - retro disney

Animal Kingdom day. My day was complete within the first 10 minutes of arriving at the park. We entered the gates and headed back to the area to fast pass the safari ride. We got there and there was a Disney employee handing out fast passes for that very moment. Once through the fast pass line, we boarded our safari jeep to adventure into the African Wildlife Reserve - and marvelled at the beauty of God's creation. Wow - I love African animals. They are gorgeous. 3/4 of the way through our safari, we were tasked to help rescue a baby elephant from poachers.
We were successful! Yippee! But what I mean by the fact that my day was complete was that was all I wanted. I wanted to see and go on the Safari and I was happy! I spent some of the day with Anna playing and shopping while the others ventured into shows that would've scared her more than the fuzzy characters at the breakfast. Btu I was totally content with that! Hudson even tried the Dinosaur ride - he tried it. He didn't like it much (he thought it was going to be really fun to see Dinos, and we tried to explain it wasn't like the EPCOT Dino ride) - but he survived with Mommy holding his hands and promising it would soon be over.

After experiencing what we could with small children at AK (it's more an adult geared park), we headed back for late naps and then swam at the pool for the rest of the day...and we were ALL happy to do that.

After bedtime, the big kids tried to hit EPCOT so I could experience some of the missed rides, but unfortunately, we were denied entrance due to miscreant behavior. (Do you believe that? How well do you know us?) We ended up riding the monorail and resort hopping, ending up at the Grand Floridian to breathe in some of the expensive air that the well-to-do's can afford to borrow for a week. We sat on the lagoon beach in hammocks and enjoyed the beauty of central Florida, and dined on some yummy treats from the snack shack. Almost better than EPCOT. Almost. Because I missed out on Soarin' this time, right?

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