Friday, May 29, 2009

friday's market bounty

Today's market bounty: (for the bargain deal of $10.18)
- 6 apricots
- 6 nectarines
- 1.5 pounds of white seedless grapes
- zuchinni
- pint of red raspberries
- bag of baby carrots (not sure how this works, but they had bags of baby carrots there today!)
- box of anjou pears
- red bell pepper
- green bell pepper

I feel like a produce pirate when I go there. Forage, pilage, plunder...but then I realize, hey - others are there too, getting fresh produce for a steal of a deal, so I guess it isn't too illegal. Ok, not illegal at all, but I pretend I have a little adventure in my life outside my house. Well, adventure in addition to taking both kids and my husband to the market. ;o)

Now for the plans - I had pretty much in my mind what was going to be on our menu for the coming week - and I have a drawer full of veggies that need to be cooked up and enjoyed. Plus, mom keeps bringing us the delightful garden variety treats from her neighbor who is enjoying some early harvest (we've got asparagus overflow). I almost indulged in a fresh pineapple - YUM - because I had already planned on Sweet and Sour Pineapple Shrimp with peppers sometime this coming week, but knew if I got it, it wouldn't make it to that dinner anyway - it'd end up in all four of our tummies - we love pineapple!

Have some fresh broccoli that needs to be used; I'm contemplating doing a nice premixed up and bake the next morning quiche. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I need something to do with the broccoli - I know one of you has some recipe. Anyone care to share? I anxiously await! :)

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