Thursday, April 30, 2009

mr. robot-o

Our little man loves 'art prochekts'. He's pretty darned creative in coming up with them on his own, or even getting creative after given a 'prochekt' to do. This one, he came up with all on his own.
On Tuesday he walked into the kitchen at about 7:30 am and said, "Mommy, let's make a robot." And so we did! I drew the boxes and he colored and cut them all out. He didn't just cut out the robot, he actually cut each box and then taped them back together so he "looked more real". If you look closely, I've been told he has special buttons that make him do "cool stuff".

In other news - Poppy and Mom-Mom came over to visit us on Friday and we had fun at a semi-local tourist gathering that features a village full of shops and eateries - complete with horse and buggy rides if you so desire (Hudson desired, but it didn't happen this time!). At the place we ate lunch, they gave the kids a token to get a gingerbread man and then decorate it for eating pleasure.

Anna just liked holding Poppy's hand the best. (She loves Poppy and woke up on Friday night in the middle of the night calling for him.)

I just have to finish with this shot I took at night time (I LOVE MY CAMERA :) of this gorgeous peanut that graces us with her delightful smiles everyday...I don't want to ever forget what she looks like when she is angelically sleeping her night away.

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Marion said...

I love Hudson's robot! So clever.