Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chris' Music Hero Heaven

We recently attended the United Tour concert - I say it by name, because according to Chris, everyone should instantaneously know who was in this "union"....his musical heroes, his childhood and adolescent inspiration, his impetus for creating a fan website in HS and getting recognized for it, his look-alike older version of himself - Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith. (People tell him he looks like MWS.)

We travelled with Ma and Pa Smith ;o) and enjoyed the concert at a beautifully restored opera house...along with a sold-out crowd. The duo began the night with some incredible worship to bring our minds and spirits to the place where they should be, ventured into some friendly banter, and also did solo sets. Chris and I agree that it was neat to see how much they respect and loved each other. Between the two of them, they have written some of the most well loved and known Contemporary Christian songs; really, who can not get past a middle school dance with out Smitty's "Friends", or attend a wedding or shop in a mall without hearing SCC's "Cinderella". I loved MWS the most because of the amount of congregational worship he led us in - by far the best was "Mighty to Save" which has been a fave of mine since last fall. SCC's best (in my opinion) was "Yours", which if you are a Beth-blog-follower, know that I have referenced many times over the past year. I'd say that those two songs alone were worth the ticket; that and the fact that Pa treated us to some good peanut M&Ms during intermission.

We left the concert a little early (uh, it was slated to be a 3 hour and 15 minute concert) because of our little people at home with a very gracious and loving big person (thanks Mr. Dave - he deserves a medal of honor for the night he had!). Photo credits go to Steve and Whitney who were also at the concert, right up front! :)

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