Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the colors of fall

There is a hike not far from our home that we love to frequent…particularly in the fall.  Year round it provides a gorgeous view of the river and the beautiful surroundings that God has provided for us.  The hike is not to challenging for the kids and it has a grand payoff at the top.


For Daddy and Mommy, it is about being outside in the Creator’s garden with those that the Creator has graciously given us.



(her joyfulness and expressive face…gotta laugh most of the day!)


(his freckles, his eyes…they get me every time…)



(we’ve yet to see what this angel brings us in personality, but her calm and gentle demeanor thus far has captured our hearts.)


I am so grateful for the creativity of a God that is a master artist….from living in the rugged beauty of the Southwest to the resplendent seasonal changes of the Northeast, His gift to us in nature is truly awesome.


Stop, admire, and breathe in His goodness.


Bekah said...

Such a beautiful crew! Also - in a not weird way - I want to smoosh Hadleighs cheeks SO bad!

Chris said...

not TOO weird bekah.. ;0)

Tracy Watanabe said...

"Stop, admire, and breathe in His goodness." -- I needed that.

So beautiful! Miss you!