Sunday, October 21, 2012

Field Trip with Poppy

ft poppyWe were blessed to have Poppy and Mom-Mom visit us while Daddy was in Texas.  They were able to come down for a night and spend the next day with us…and much to Anna’s delight, Poppy got to come along on her field trip to the orchard and farm.


What a gorgeous and special day it was.  Mom-Mom hung out with Hadleigh at home so that we could have a special morning.  Anna learned about field corn, and even got to push the dried corn into the grates!

ft anna corn

She picked apples and a pumpkin from the patch as well as she had the chance to become “princess of the world” in the straw maze.  (That’s Anna-speak for getting to climb to the top of the mound.")

ft anna apples

We had a delightfully fun day!

ft 1 mommy

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