Wednesday, October 10, 2012

best fort ever…


The princess and I built a fort today in the basement…with our couches, a bit of creative engineering with the coffee table and a play café table and a big bean bag.  Oh yea, it rocks.  We had a blast playing in the fort; reading books and pretending.  This is Princess Anna looking out her sunroof.  (I had to come up with some reason there was a hole in the roof…)  She thinks it is awesome.


Of course, she was ecstatic to show Hudson when he got home and they watched their daily dose of PBS Arthur after he got off the bus – from the coziness of the couch inside the fort.


And while I wish I could say she is really napping, she wasn’t.  She wanted to, but there was NO WAY she was really going to sleep in there this afternoon…she had fun pretending though!

and this picture is just because I can….because it is my blog to remember my life…with our kids….IMG_1748

Those curls, eyes and cheeks melt my heart!

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